Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Last night the top four of Canadian Idol performed. Tyler Lewis, Chad Doucette, Craig Sharpe, and Eva Avila sang songs that were picked by the judges. They each performed twice in one hour. They are now awaiting Canadas vote for who should be eliminated.

When the show started the host had a quick chat with the judges:

Ben Mulroney: “What did you keep in mind when you made these selections?”
Jake Gold: “We thought let’s make them look good and at the same time challenge them.”
Ben Mulroney: “How hard was it to pick the songs for tonight?”
Sass Jordan: “We were fighting, we were yelling, we were screaming, we were singing…at the end
Ben Mulroney: “What do you think of this Top Four?”
Farley Flex: “We’ve got four distinct talents, four distinct styles and four really cool names that everybody is going to hear about next year in the music industry.”
Ben Mulroney: “Is this the time where range and versatility come into play?”
Zack Werner: “It’s all fantastic material…tonight is the night where you either put up or you Ben Mulroney.”

“When we made the selections, we thought let’s make them look good and at the same time challenge them,” said Idol judge Jake Gold at the beginning of the show.

“I was all ready to go ‘he shoots, he scores,’ but you came out really flat in the third period,” said Idol judge Zack Werner when he was judging Tyler Lewis’ first performance of the night.

The results show will be featuring a special guest performance from last year’s Top 2 competitor, Rex Goudie of Burlington, Newfoundland.