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Common Questions About Water Heater Repair In Weatherford, Tx

byAlma Abell

It’s frustrating to turn on your hot water, only to find out that you don’t have any. When you need Water heater repair in Weatherford, TX, you can call an experienced company that can quickly get your hot water running again. Below you’ll read some common questions that homeowners have about hot water heater repair.


Q.) My hot water heater is leaking, can it be repaired or will I have to buy a new one?A.) Just because your water heater is leaking, doesn’t mean that it’s ready for the dump. There are several reason why you may have a leaky heater and many of these issues can be fixed. Common problems include a leaky pressure or temperature valve, a leak in the drain valve or condensation.

Q.) Our hot water always runs out quickly and either my husband or I have to take a cold shower. Is there something we can do to have more hot water?A.) If you have an electric water heater, the bottom heating element may be faulty. If the top element is still working, then only the water in the top half section of the heater is warming up. If the element is out, it will need to be replaced. Before calling for Water heater repair in Weatherford, TX, you can try pressing the reset button to see if the heater just needs to be reset.

Q.) When I turn on my faucet, rusty water comes out. What causes this and is it serious?A.) Rust can sometimes form on the sides of the tank and cause it to rust. To keep this from happening, many manufacturers will place an anode rod in the tank to prevent it from rusting. If the anode rod quits working, then the tank will start to rust. The rust falls to the bottom of the tank and gets in your water. A technician that does Water heater repair in Weatherford, TX can drain, flush and clean your tank and then replace the anode rod.

Visit aceplumbingftwtx.com for all your plumbing needs including hydro static drain testing, sewer cleaning, re-piping and gas pressure testing. If you need a repair, the experienced team at Ace Repair Plumbing can fix your faucet and toilet plumbing issues.

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Portable Solar Shower: An Useful Item For Campers And Home Shower

Portable Solar Shower: An Useful Item For Campers and Home Shower



Have you ever thought how useful a portable solar shower can be? What is solar shower? It is a plastic bag that can hold water of varied quantities and has a nozzle that helps water to sprinkle out when opened hung from a height with the help of support. And the water inside the bag gets warm or heated by solar radiations. That is why it is called solar shower. The water bag is an important item for people who go to camping, adventure events, festivals and other places away from civilized comforts. It also enables one to use the shower at home in the backyard or near swimming pool to save electricity and water.


The usability of the shower makes it popular among the campers and festival goers. It facilitates one to enjoy a relaxed hot shower in the open and unwind from the weariness of camping and hiking. It is the most eco-friendly practice of getting your hot water and enjoying a warm shower. The solar showers are so accepted and admired that people make use of them at homes also to reduce the bill units of electricity. Simply fill up the bag with water and put down the polished or plain side out in the open to direct sunlight. In an hour or two the water contained by the bag gets geared up for the shower. You see, how easy it is to use a water bag. The portability of the bag is also an important feature to note. The bag is foldable and can be folded to space saving size which you can put into your gear along with festival tent, camping gadgets and other essentials for the backpacks. At home you can keep it folded in some corner after use without any requirement for extra space. Moreover the water bag can be hung from a support that can withstand the pressure and weight of 5-6 gallons of water inside it. Campers use twigs or such other natural support to use the shower and home users buy portable stand for solar shower. The stand has hooks to hang the water bag at comfortable height for easy passage of water through the nozzle. Campers always think of weight when they choose objects to take along. One cannot afford to carry heavy objects during camping trip or some other expeditions. And a solar shower bag is the right choice for finding solutions for a comfortable shower during breaks. Author Bio –

The author is a traveler and writes about equipments and items that make camping easy and simple. For more information on

Solar Shower


Festival Tent

log into http://backpackingshop.co.uk

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How Could Household Items Affect Your Fertility?}

Submitted by: Dr Kelly Loi

Have you ever wondered that the products in your bathroom or perhaps the detergent you are using to wash clothes can affect your fertility? Well that seems astonishing but it is an accepted fact that your household products can make you infertile. From carpets to antibacterial soaps, all these affect your potency in a big way.

Are you trying to conceive from a long time and havent been successful yet? There can be many reason behind it, some of them can be related to home and the environment you live in. For example if you smoke, you will have problems in getting pregnant. Exposure to heavy metal is another example of such case. Moreover, there are also quite a lot of household items which make it harder for you to get pregnant. Some of them are listed below:

Antibacterial Soaps:

A few antibacterial soaps decrease your fertility. For this reason, you must avoid using soaps that consists triclosan because it is a dangerous ingredient that may hinder you from getting pregnant. It lays a negative impact on your reproductive system by unbalancing your hormonal level. Some experts also believe that the chemical is also a reason behind low sperm count which in a way would result in infertility. Thus to avoid getting hampered by the chemical, it would be wise to stay away from the soaps containing triclosan chemical in it. Apart from the soaps, you must avoid shampoo or laundry washer that consists of this type chemicals.


Non-Stick Pans:

Nonstick pans are used in every household. They are manufactured of a chemical called PFOA or Perfluorooctanoic acid which can make you infertile. If this chemical is present in your blood there are more chances that you can’t conceive and if you conceive somehow, your child’s developments delay, hence you must stop using Teflon pans and also other utensils of such category.

Canned Food and Beverages:

BPA, a carbon based synthetic compound often used in containers that store food and bevereiges which is other harmful chemical that can prevent you from getting pregnant or makes it complicated. The chemical is present in the lining of the aluminum cans. BPA is very harmful and can be associated with low fertility as it brings down the eggs count in the body and may cause the dreaded PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

Bed Mattresses, Cushions and Wall Paint:

It is quite astonishing but few chemicals used in bed mattresses, carpets and cushions that also make you infertile. These chemicals get absorbed in the body and can affect your fertility signoficantly. Hence, try purchasing organic bedding or organic fabrics to lower the risk of infertility.

At times, wall paints containing glycol can also affect fertility. It can hamper menstrual cycle in women and affect the sperm quality in men and can even cause miscarriage; hence you have to be careful.

Although precautions are better than cure but if you somehow suffer from the risks of infertility, Singapore offers some of the finest fertility centre equipped with a team of experienced doctors who would provide unsurpassed treatment with measurable results in future.

Singapore Infertility Centres offer treatments using the latest tools and methodologies and help patient get rid of the ailment in quick time.

About the Author: Dr. Kelly Loi is an Obstetrician and Gynecologist at Health and Fertility Centre for Women in Singapore. She specializes in providing effective treatments to cure infertility. To know more,




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Bathing Safety And Soaking Tubs

Bathing Safety and Soaking Tubs



One of the most important factors that people who are disabled must consider is bathtub safety. However, bathtub safety is frequently overlooked because many disabled people don’t know what kinds of bath safety products are available in the market place. Thousands of bathtub accidents occur every year. This is the primary reason why it is so very important to be aware of the things that should be considered on order to avoid any bathtub accidents and to always practice bathtub safety. There is one way to overcome this problem, using

soaking tubs

. This is a very simple design with not too many corners.


People who are disabled have physical limits and different needs that require different bathroom equipments and products that meet their needs. Conventional bathtub safety facilities and equipment must be modified in order to meet the disabled person’s safety requirements and needs. Without these modifications, bathtub safety can be dangerous particularly for those people who have difficulty getting in and out of the bathtub safely. By placing a shower chair in the bathtub assurance to the person who is disabled will be provided that it is safe to use the bathtub or the shower enclosure and steam room

. Similarly, shower heads that are hand held can provide the control and flexibility to prevent blistering while in the bathtub.

A walk in bathtub can also make the bathtub more accessible for people with disabilities. Walk in bathtubs are just as relaxing as a standard bathtub. This type of bathtub does not block the exit and entrance since the disabled person doesn’t have to climb over the edge of the bathtub to get out or in. One of the easiest additions to a bathroom are grab bars. Grab bars are built in the sides and walls of walk in bathtubs providing additional safety when exiting, entering, or moving around the bathtub. These grab bars are frequently made out of heavy duty or chrome plated steel. Whenever grab bars are added for safety reasons in the bathroom, it must be remembered that the use of wide grips may be too large for a small senior. However, if a regular tub like massage bathtubs

are still preferred, there are still many items that should be added for additional safety. This includes items such as transfer benches, seats, and stools. Other areas of the bathroom that should be considered for modification for safety reasons include toilet frames and seats. In addition, anti slip tape can also be applied to the floor of the bathtub to make it slip free. Slip resistant bathtub floors can also ensure that the disabled person has stability while in the bathtub.

ModernSpa is a professional

bathtubs manufacturer

ìwho is majoring in steam shower, infrared saunas, hot tubs for sale, freestanding bathtubs, shower enclosure, massage bathtubs, soaking tubs and

bathroom accessories


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Contentproz Popular Demand Drifts Shower Water Filters Why

Contentproz – Popular Demand Drifts Shower Water Filters – Why


melissa lyons

ContentProz americans are always the best quality and performance ventadukune. Now the hunt is for the best shower filter. Shower water filters have gained huge popularity for reasons of health and cosmetics. ContentProz already recognized the need for water for drinking water filters for home and follow the. At home because people drink the benefits of clean water to realize, they naturally want to find a way to bathe in clean water. All americans consume water is recycled. ContentProz unfortunately, our ground water is contaminated with pesticides, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, heavy metals, and even more caustic chemicals, all types. Water management plants are overwhelmed by the enormity of the job to provide a genuinely pure water from plant aging and changing expectations.


There is always the most dangerous chlorine to kill disease causing pathogens and viruses. ContentProz traces of chlorine and other chemicals remain in the water that comes home. In 2012, epa announced the decision to put more chemicals on the list to be eliminated or at least for concentrations of hazardous chemicals to be diluted. Americans have bought bottled water from xillions mainly for clean, non-chlorinated water. ContentProz those bottles litter the land fills. Conscious people have installed tap water filters and now make their own clean water, while using recycled bottles. Solution that is easy to be a big problem. ContentProz water that has been raging since i can remember that the skin is the largest organ of the body.ContentProz While in the shower the skin absorbs the chemicals remaining chloroform inhalation and the lungs that is caused by chlorine remaining. The best shower filters provide cosmetic benefits too. ContentProz hair and skin healthy and glowing free chlorine to clean water. Chlorine strips the natural oils from hair and skin is a powerful disinfectant. Water efficient shower restore the ph level is best for hair and skin. The gold standard for a whole house water filter, water filter that connects to where the water enters the home. A knowledgeable plumber is usually needed for the. Americans are on a tight budget, will elect a filter at the kitchen faucet and shower filters in bathrooms. Children the best use of handheld wand. People find that fill water bottles for ten cents each. And, they enjoy cooking, using the filtered water. Now you see why it is smart to find the best water filter. The right choice for your health and your hair. ContentProz

read more to find the best shower filter for you in the author, marie jones, is a lifelong learner. Her main interests include health and wellness, beauty, new technology, active lifestyle activities.

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Helpful Essays Discussing Coming Across The Supreme Affordable Along With Plush Cottages In San Diego, California

Helpful Essays discussing Coming Across the Supreme Affordable along with Plush Cottages in San Diego, California


Florence Bulkeley

San Diego Hotel in Focus: Hotel Parisi


Although in comparison to others, Hotel Parisi is small with only a total of 29 guestrooms, it is considered among the best places to stay at in the city of San Diego. Hotel Parisi boasts a Mediterranean-style, feng shui design which makes everything else interesting. It is not only great for travelers who are in the city for a vacation but also to those who are in San Diego for a business trip. Each room in this hotel has its own set of custom-built furniture, Egyptian cotton linens, Goose Feather down comforters and granite-accented bathrooms. Also, guests will have flat screen televisions in their rooms, with DVD players for maximum entertainment, free access to both wired and wireless Internet, and for the business travelers, a web and video conferencing capability and a wide meeting space. If you however intend to stay much longer in this hotel, you might want to consider availing one of its fully furnished apartments, offering all Hotel Parisi services, facilities and treatments in a much more private setting. San Diego Hotel in Focus: LaPensione Hotel For as low as $90, you can get a hotel room that can already provide all the basic services and amenities in your entire hotel stay!LaPensione Hotel, built in year 1991, is considered by many as one of San Diego hotels’ best values. It has a total of 75 guestrooms, each room having an available telephone, data port, color television, hair dryer, refrigerator and a private bath. If you have a limited budget or just simply trying not to spend excessively, LaPensione Hotel is definitely the best choice!It has actually been named by Fodor’s Travel Guide as the Top Budget Hotel in San Diego, and by Frommor’s Guide: San Diego Edition as the Best Budget Hotel in San Diego. It is strategically located at the very heart of Little Italy, making it conveniently close to a number of great places where you can dine and have some fun. Enjoy San Diego now without having to spend too much on hotel accommodations!Find the LaPensione Hotel room now that best fits your budget and taste! San Diego Luxury Hotel: L’Auberge Del Mar Resort & Spa Get to experience plush living at L’Auberge Del Mar Resort & Spa at San Diego, California. This hotel is probably one of the best places to stay at while having a vacation at San Diego. It offers a total of 120 rooms to its guests, where 8 of these are spacious and plush suites especially designed for those who want nothing but sophistication and world-class accommodations. Among the many services and amenities offered by the hotel include free access to wireless and full-speed Internet connection, full-marble bathroom, in-room coffee service, in-room climate control, hair dryer, televisions for entertainment, radio and alarm clock with iPod capabilities, in-room digital security safes for all belongings and valuables, full-stocked refreshment center, daily newspaper delivery, bathrobes for resort use, iron and board, signature amenities and turndown service upon request. One of its most widely acclaimed offered facility is its luxury spa – Spa L’Auberge. This spa is situated by the sea, so you can enjoy the sights and sounds, as well the fresh sea air, while getting the treatments you need!Spend the best vacation ever in the city of San Diego, and stay at L’Auberge Del Mar Resort & Spa! San Diego Hotel in Focus: Westgate Hotel San Diego has a lot of great places to offer to tourists who want to spend their vacation here. The city offers a great deal of white sandy beaches for tourists to enjoy the summer heat, an interesting set of historical places to explore and other spots where they can go shop and dine. Each room is equipped with an iPod clock radio and docking station, a wireless Internet access guests can access anytime they want, 32-inch colored television that comes with a DVD player, a hairdryer, and ironing amenities. It also has a great set of services to offer like housekeeping services twice a day, an evening turndown service, a complimentary fitness center for the physically active guests, a complimentary overnight shoeshine and morning newspaper each day. Westgate hotel is handicap friendly, having 7 rooms that comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) code for guests that have disabilities. All these rooms have grab bars in the shower and tub, hand held shower heads, as well as shower benches for easier mobility of handicapped guests.

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Alzheimer’s Disease And Incontinence (Bladder Or Bowel Control)

By Dick Harkes

Incontinence And Alzheimer’s

One of the symptoms of an advanced stage of Alzheimer’s Disease and other types of Dementia is Urinary or Fecal incontinence (loss of bladder or bowel control).

In some cases it is just a case of accidental leakage. In other cases a diaper for adults is inevitable.

Problems with the bladder control are far more common than with the bowel control. It is important to consult the doctor, because there may be a treatment for this misery.

No one likes to suffer from these problems. This applies to both the patient and the caregiver. That’s a good reason to gather proper information and to seek the right help and assistance.

What are the Causes of Incontinence

Besides the incontinence being caused by Alzheimer’s or other type of Dementia, there may be other causes for this inconvenience. So it is very important to investigate other possible causes.

The Other Possible Medical Causes of Incontinence:

– Infections of the bladder or urinary tracts. These are to be cured by anti biotic medicines.

– With man: prostate trouble. In many cases to be resolved with an operation.


– Medication side effects. study the leaflet accompanying the medication on side effects of this type. If so, consult your doctor toe change the person’s prescription or altering the dose.

– Persistent constipation. If the intestinal contents exercises pressure on the bladder it can become difficult to keep up the urine. So the constipation should be cured and after that choose a diet that’s high in fiber. Additionally keep your beloved-one physically active and give them plenty of fluids to drink.

– Maybe they just can’t reach the bathroom in time. You need to find a solution.

Other Non-Medical Causes of Incontinence

Besides the listed medical causes one must not underestimate the consequences of the dementia itself:

– Caused by the brain damage by dementia: people just don’t recognize the need to go to the toilet;

– Or they just forget to go to the toilet.

– In many cases the Alzheimer or dementia makes them not knowing anymore where to find the toilet.


– Most of the persons with dementia are conscious about their dignity. They depend on the care of you and possible other persons and most of them feel guilty for that. They can’t help the incontinence, so it is important to reassure the person to reduce feelings of embarrassment.

– Say something like, “Oh there is a stain on your dress. Let’s just remove it quickly” instead of being angry with them and making them feel guilty.

Reduce Incontinency Accidents For Your Alzheimer’s Loved-One

As seen earlier in this article it sometime appears to be difficult for Alzheimer’s patients to find their way to the bathroom. Maybe they have problems with their clothes and are not able to undress quick enough. So when you find out these are the causes of wetting themselves you can make some arrangements to help them:

– Make a sign on the door of the bathroom to help them find it. Find a nice picture and stick that to the door.

– Ensure that the way to the bathroom is without any obstacles. Change the places of some furniture if necessary.

– If possible, leave the toilet door open when not in use to show the vacancy of the toilet.

– Make sure that it is easy to the door.

– If they have difficulties in going to sit and rise from the toilet, consider to add aids such as handrails.

– If they have problems with their clothes, find out which clothes are more easy to open and close. Maybe you can replace buttons with press-studs and zippers with Velcro fastenings.

– Be prepared on accidents by taking extra clothes with you when away from home.

Good Personal Hygiene is Essential

Besides people will feel embarrassed nobody likes the feeling of wet clothes (or worse). Not to mention the skin irritation occurring when no action is taken. So make sure they feel comfortable again and provide good hygiene.

Help them to wash afterwards with mild soap and warm water, and dry them carefully before putting on fresh clothes.

Make sure the dirty clothes or bedding are washed as soon as possible.

Used diapers should be thrown away in an appropriate container.

About the Author: Dick Harkes was confronted with Alzheimer’s Disease when his father was diagnosed with this awful ailment. Then he started collecting information about Alzheimer’s. He likes to share this information with everybody. Please visit

Incontinence And Alzheimer’s

. Or start at his homepage:

All About Alzheimer’s Disease




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