Not A Wine Connoisseur? 3 Questions To Ask When Visiting A Wine Shop In The Hamptons For The First Time

byAlma Abell

Buying wine can be a fun experience for anyone, especially those looking for something new to try. But how do you know where to start if you’re not participating in a wine tasting with an experienced wine connoisseur? By asking the right questions, you can find the right bottle of wine to enjoy, and impress friends and family with your new found knowledge. Start by visiting a Wine Shop in the Hamptons with these important questions in mind.

What Varietals Does This Wine Shop Specialize In?Embrace your local wine culture and ask for wines that come straight from that area. Not only are you supporting local winemakers, you are also getting a unique experience with each varietal. Winemakers will have a special preparation method, and the wine will vary slightly from well-known brands. The term varietal can easily be confused with the word variety; both describe wine but are not the same things. A variety is the vine or grape whereas a varietal is the wine produced by the variety. So when asking this question remember you are asking which wine the shop specializes in, not the grape.

What Food Pairs Best With This Wine?Wine and food always go great together and while it isn’t wrong to drink any bottle of wine with food, having a bottle that pairs well with whatever you’re serving for dinner can make the experience that much better. When asking this question, you’re asking which flavors in certain foods will be accentuated more with your wine. It becomes a balance of complementing and contrasting where either the food or the wine intensifies the other. This question doesn’t have to be about pairing wines with fancier foods either. There are many varietals that pair excellently with burgers or barbecue.

What is the Best Way to Store This Wine?This question can include others such as can it be kept in the kitchen or does it need to be in a cellar? Or how long can this bottle of wine be kept shelved before it’s opened? Keeping the wine in a place that is too cool or not cool enough can age the wine or dry out the corks making the wine undrinkable. Be sure to ask a professional at a Wine Shop in the Hamptons about this when considering storage options. And for a vast selection of wines as well as wine lists, visit

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