Portable Solar Shower: An Useful Item For Campers And Home Shower

Portable Solar Shower: An Useful Item For Campers and Home Shower



Have you ever thought how useful a portable solar shower can be? What is solar shower? It is a plastic bag that can hold water of varied quantities and has a nozzle that helps water to sprinkle out when opened hung from a height with the help of support. And the water inside the bag gets warm or heated by solar radiations. That is why it is called solar shower. The water bag is an important item for people who go to camping, adventure events, festivals and other places away from civilized comforts. It also enables one to use the shower at home in the backyard or near swimming pool to save electricity and water.


The usability of the shower makes it popular among the campers and festival goers. It facilitates one to enjoy a relaxed hot shower in the open and unwind from the weariness of camping and hiking. It is the most eco-friendly practice of getting your hot water and enjoying a warm shower. The solar showers are so accepted and admired that people make use of them at homes also to reduce the bill units of electricity. Simply fill up the bag with water and put down the polished or plain side out in the open to direct sunlight. In an hour or two the water contained by the bag gets geared up for the shower. You see, how easy it is to use a water bag. The portability of the bag is also an important feature to note. The bag is foldable and can be folded to space saving size which you can put into your gear along with festival tent, camping gadgets and other essentials for the backpacks. At home you can keep it folded in some corner after use without any requirement for extra space. Moreover the water bag can be hung from a support that can withstand the pressure and weight of 5-6 gallons of water inside it. Campers use twigs or such other natural support to use the shower and home users buy portable stand for solar shower. The stand has hooks to hang the water bag at comfortable height for easy passage of water through the nozzle. Campers always think of weight when they choose objects to take along. One cannot afford to carry heavy objects during camping trip or some other expeditions. And a solar shower bag is the right choice for finding solutions for a comfortable shower during breaks. Author Bio –

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