Stainless Steel Pickling Process Of Selection In Anti Corrosion Materials

By Haven Frbiz

Process for stainless steel pickling acid lotion in general for a variety of acid mixtures, mainly sulfuric acid, nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid, which mixed a strong corrosive acid, at the same time are highly oxidizing, high corrosion medium temperature, which is anti-corrosion materials to a high corrosion resistance requirements. Stainless steel pickling production line process, from production to wastewater recycling exhaust systems, all aspects of existence are highly corrosion status, so selection of good anti-corrosion materials directly related to the equipment, workshop floors, trench, wastewater emissions from the environmental protection recovery systems, etc. normal use.

How to carry out anti-corrosion material pickling this item? First, FRP pipe and tank structure and selection of raw materials, followed by the workshop floor and equipment commonly used basic anti-corrosion resin mortar floor structure.

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FRP pipe and tank structure and selection of raw materials. Pickling items used in the tank and piping systems and acid mist recovery system is the basic choice of glass fiber reinforced plastic material, the structure of anti-corrosion layer of impermeable layer ++ structural strength layer. Under normal circumstances impermeable coating layer and at least 6 to 8 millimeters thick. Appropriate choice of resin corrosion-resistant epoxy vinyl ester resin, the experts said – in the medium of non-oxidizing acid, is not very high temperature conditions, the appropriate selection of bisphenol A epoxy vinyl resin; at oxidizing acid, temperature demanding conditions, the appropriate selection of vinyl epoxy phenolic resin. In order to reduce the cost structure between the benzene layer selected mostly unsaturated polyester resin, the thickness of the structural design of the specific calculation. Mixed acid and acid storage tank because of corrosion medium is rather complicated, the general choice of PVDF / FRP composite cans, composite cans but between the PVDF and FRP bond are an issue, but also higher prices caused by the increase in the cost should be selected Hite acid resin (791H) as lining anti-corrosion materials, to meet the above conditions of anti-corrosion medium requirements.

Shop floor and equipment commonly used basic anti-corrosion resin mortar floor structure, the total thickness of about 7-10 mm), the structure as follows: primer 1-2 Road + glass fiber reinforced plastic (2 cloth 3 oil) isolation layer + resin mortar layer ( 5-7 mm) + surface layer (about 1 mm). Floors, equipment-based anti-corrosion epoxy resin now use vinyl resin, but the selection primer on construction unit also used to make BAYDERM using epoxy resin materials, to increase the resin and the bonding properties of the grass-roots level. Would generally be applied epoxy amine curing agent, curing oily material after the surface has surfaced again and vinyl resin adhesive is not very well be able to match the need for post-curing surface treatment are allowed to carry out follow-up of anti-corrosion structure construction, if not easy to deal with delamination, cracking. According to experts, epoxy vinyl resin and bond strength between concrete foundation Tatsu 2MPa above epoxy vinyl resin so as BAYDERM Materials already has sufficient bonding properties, therefore recommend the direct use of epoxy vinyl resin as BAYDERM base materials, other layers using the same epoxy vinyl resin.

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