Can You Enforce An Oral Contract For The Sale Of Real Estate?

Read An Opinion On: Financial Planner Fees Financial Adviser Fees By Bob Miles The simple answer is ‘No, you can’t, because every state has enacted a Statute of Frauds requiring contracts for an interest in the sale of an interest in land.’ But hey, it’s never that simple with the law, which is why we’ve […]

How To Shop For Satellite Tv Dishes And Receivers

Read An Opinion On: Crm For Financial Services Best Crm For Insurance Agents By Adam Short It’s undeniable – shopping for a new satellite tv system can be tough. Take a look, for exampleif you dareat, a one-stop Internet shopping point for satellite TV. A recent search turned up the following entries: DIRECTV DVR80 […]

Checking Accounts Without Fees 5 Steps To Choosing The Right Bank}

Read An Opinion On: Financial Advice Sydney Best Financial Advice Submitted by: Robbie T. James Bank fees are something that most of us never anticipated before we got our first bank account. Whether you got your first checking account right out of high school, or maybe when you took your first job, it is likely […]