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Understanding The Importance Of Storing Routing Information For Networks

Managing and Storing Routing Information: A Crucial Task for Efficient Networking

In the world of networking, the process of storing routing information plays an essential role in ensuring smooth communication and data transfer. Essentially, a route in a network is a defined pathway through which data packets travel to reach their destination. Routing information, therefore, includes the details about these routes, including specifics about the network nodes and connections, which helps to optimize the transmission path and improve network efficiency. Now, when it comes to managing these vital sets of information, it is where the Rhino Networks Site comes to the forefront with its advanced solutions.

A network’s routing information typically includes source and destination IP addresses, the protocol used, and the path through which the data should pass. This data is stored in routing tables, which are continually updated to reflect changes in network connections and routes. Efficiently storing this data is crucial for optimal network performance.

However, maintaining and storing routing information is no easy task. Networks, especially large-scale ones, are fluid and constantly evolving. New nodes and connections are added, existing ones are removed or altered, and network paths change dynamically. This calls for smart, responsive routing information management solutions.

The importance of storing routing tables efficiently can be realized in terms of network performance. When packets of data travel from one point to another, routers use routing tables to decide the most efficient path. If this data is not properly managed and stored, not only will the transfer of data be slowed down, but the network’s overall performance may also be affected. Downstream effects could include slowing of internet speeds or even downtime for network services.

Storing routing information efficiently also has security implications. Inadequately secured, outdated or improperly managed routing tables can be exploited to reroute data packets, breach network security and expose sensitive data. Thus, maintaining up-to-date and secure routing tables is a key defense against cyberattacks.

How can organizations effectively manage and store their network routing information? This is where the Rhino Networks Site comes in. Specializing in providing cutting-edge networking solutions, Rhino Networks Site offers innovative and efficient ways to handle routing information. Their advanced systems take care of dynamic updates, ensuring routing tables are always up to date and secure, and contribute to the overall efficiency of the network.

For instance, with Rhino Networks Site’s solutions, the updates to the network’s routing information can be automated. This means the systems can adapt to changes immediately, ensuring no gaps are present in the network’s data flow. Likewise, security measures can also be implemented to protect the routing information from unauthorized access or alteration.

The Rhino Networks Site provides effective ways to manage the dynamic nature of today’s networks. By ensuring that routing information is kept up-to-date, efficiently stored, and adequately secured, Rhino Networks Site helps organizations optimize their networks, improve their performance and secure them against potential threats.

In conclusion, the process of storing routing information is a pivotal task for any network. Efficiently handling this data can significantly enhance the network’s performance, help ward off security risks, and ensure a smooth flow of communication and data transfer. With solutions like those provided by the Rhino Networks Site, businesses can tackle this task head-on and leverage information storage for optimum network performance and security.

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Which Device Generally Includes A Built In Switch

Understanding the underlying technologies used in network appliances, such as routers, switches, and modems, can be complex. In today’s increasingly interconnected world, one of the essential devices in any network setup is a switch. But did you know that many devices generally include a built-in switch? Let’s explore this in more detail.

In simple terms, a switch is a network device that connects multiple devices together on a computer network. It uses packet switching to receive and forward data to the appropriate device. But where do we usually find these switches? They’re integrated into numerous appliances that we use daily.

Routers with Built-in Switches

One of the devices that generally includes a built-in switch is a router. Routers are the backbone of any network as they direct and forward data packets between computer networks. Many modern home and office routers integrate a built-in switch that facilitates inter-device communication, making this an economical and practical solution for most consumers and small enterprises.

Today’s modern routers come equipped with numerous Ethernet ports, allowing multiple wired connections for various devices. For instance, computers, printers, and gaming consoles can all connect to a single network via these ports, eliminating the need for an additional separate switch.

An excellent example of such routers with built-in switches is the Meraki MX series by Cisco, one of the leading manufacturers of network hardware. Particular devices, such as the Cisco Meraki MX64, offer seamless integration of routing, switching, and wireless capabilities all in one unit, making the MX64 an ideal choice for small branch locations or boutiques that require easy-to-use, comprehensive network solutions.

To fully utilize the capabilities of this device, it is essential to properly configure mx64. Proper configuration will allow the device to efficiently manage and distribute network traffic, ensuring optimal performance and security for your network.

Modems with Built-in Switches

Another device that generally includes a built-in switch is a modem, particularly those designed for home use. These modems combine the functionality of a switch and router in one device, commonly referred to as a gateway.

With integrated switches, these modern modems allow users to connect multiple devices directly to the modem, either through Wi-Fi or Ethernet cables. This consolidation of functions into a single device simplifies setup and troubleshooting, making network management more straightforward for the average user.

Whether it is a router, modem, or another type of networking device, the inclusion of a built-in switch has become a common feature in the design of these technologies. This move towards integration reflects the need for simplicity, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness in managing home and business networks. In using these devices, remember the importance of proper configuration to maximize their potential. For the Cisco Meraki MX64, remember to promptly configure mx64 for the best networking experience.

In conclusion, understanding the functionalities of network devices with built-in switches, including routers and modems, can help individuals and businesses make informed decisions about their network hardware purchases. As technology continues to evolve, expect more devices to incorporate built-in switches, simplifying networking and ushering us into an increasingly interconnected future.

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Understanding The Variety Of Wi Fi Networks Available

Over the years, internet technology continued to evolve, bringing forth a number of Wi-Fi networks available. From public free Wi-Fi in cafes and restaurants to private home networks, we are surrounded by different types of Wi-Fi networks in our daily lives. However, it isn’t always easy to understand different Wi-Fi networks available and the way you could or should utilize them, especially when it comes to advanced devices such as the Meraki MX64.

Initially, let’s embark on our journey by shedding light on three frequently encountered Wi-Fi networks: Public Wi-Fi networks, Home Wi-Fi networks, and Enterprise Wi-Fi networks.

Public Wi-Fi Networks

Public Wi-Fi networks proliferate in places like cafes, restaurants, libraries, and airports. These are generally open networks that allow anyone within the range to connect. While they offer the convenience of connectivity on-the-go, they are not considered the safest networks due to their open nature.

Home Wi-Fi Networks

Contrary to public Wi-Fi networks, home Wi-Fi networks are private, allowing only authorized users to connect. These networks are password protected and offer better security measures than public Wi-Fi networks. However, their range is limited and are ideal for personal use in relatively small spaces.

Enterprise Wi-Fi Networks

Enterprise Wi-Fi networks are used in organizations and businesses where a large number of users need to connect simultaneously. These networks are highly secure and are optimized to handle heavy traffic making it possible for businesses to operate smoothly.

In managing these different Wi-Fi networks, one sophisticated and handy router comes into play – the Meraki MX64. This piece of equipment is able to intelligently manage your Wi-Fi bandwidth and smartly detect and fix any network problems.

Meraki MX64

The Meraki MX64 is a cloud-managed network security appliance designed to make IT administration simpler. It combines the functions of a gateway, router, switch, VPN concentrator, and firewall into one easy-to-use device. But how do you utilize it to the fullest?

To dive into the technicalities, the Meraki MX64 is equipped with several ports, a core feature being its ability to ‘meraki mx64 configure port‘ as per the networking requirement.

The Meraki MX64’s robust, flexible configuration capabilities allow you to assign different functionalities to each port – be it for data, voice, or dual-purpose. The device allows you to map certain ports to specific VLANs, providing more control over your network traffic.

One of the significant benefits of the Meraki MX64 is the centralized cloud management capability, providing the ability to manage your Wi-Fi networks regardless of your geographical location, as long as you have an internet connection.


Understanding the different types of Wi-Fi networks available is essential in today’s digital age, ensuring you can meet your internet connectivity requirements whether you’re at home, at a public place, or at your organization. The integration of devices like the Meraki MX64 make the management of these networks less cumbersome and more efficient. This advanced level of networking technology paves the way towards making Wi-Fi more secure, reliable, and user-friendly.

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How To Work With The Very Best Family Law Lawyer}

Submitted by: Jeremiah Ramberg

On the assumption that you are

dealing with somebody and the relationship crashes or in the event that she or he passes away, you could believe

that you have the same civil liberties as a couple. You would be wrong in thinking this as the

law is really various for cohabiting married couples.

If you live in a residential property in your companions call then you would not have automated

liberties to the residential property. You would have to reveal clear evidence that

you have actually contributed to the invest in of the property. A court would then break off the property in accordance to exactly what you have actually contributed.

On the assumption that you and your significant other have kids together then the

daddy would only have paternal obligation if

ever he is named as the dad on the birth

certification after 1 December 2003. Otherwise a

formal courthouse order o

an arrangement from the mother is needed.

Then you will

not be entitled to the estate unless you own it lawfully, if ever your soulmate passes away and he or she did not make a will. Your soulmates estate will go to the near relative on the assumption that you did not have youngsters together. Then the first �

125k will go to the partner with the remainder going to the children, on the occasion that you did have

youngsters together.

In the event that you do not wish to enter into a marital

elationship contract or civil collaboration with you

significant other, a cohabitation contract is a good idea.

The contract would be enforceable in court of law.

Then you needs to follow

a stringent procedure depending on the type of tenancy your occupant holds, if eve

you are a private property owner and you want to

kick out your tenant. Then you may be illegally

ugging your occupant, if ever you do not follow the proper procedure.

Then you can

make a property claim online, if your occupant owes you rent and you want you

house back. You can likewise pick the

sped up property course which is a lot faster than a regular eviction and doesn’t generally need a court of

law hearing.

In the event that your tenant has actually

an assured tenancy or a lawful periodic occupancy, you can just do this. You have to

likewise have actually given written notification (a minimum

of 2 months).

When you have actually used for an

accelerated possession the court will send your renter a copy of the

document. In the event that your tenant wants to question this request

then they need to do so within 14 days.

A legal official will then decide whether to release a property instruct or a

courthouse hearing. , assuming that the legal official problems a belongings order you can use sheriffs to evict your renters.


We all stay in a customer world and can quickly get into financial obligation. It’s simple to become a credit card

or a loan and payments can get a bit too much to handle.

, if you are in financial obligation you need to take action swiftly to stop

the situation from getting out of control.


You needs to begin to

sort out how much money you owe. Prioritise the urgent ones especially any loans you have actually taken out against you


Secondly, contact your creditors to make payment plans. Assuming

that you don’t have sufficient money to pay off all your financial obligations on a month-to-month basis then you will want to

exercise exactly what your alternatives are.

Speaking to an expert lawye

can help you to manage your debt problems if ever you are being spoken to by debt collectors threatening court action or have bailiffs knocking at your door. Wellsprings Solicitors can help improve your quality of life by

assisting you with your financial obligation. We can offer you

guidance and offer you choices to

offer you self-confidence to proceed with your life.

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Email Marketing Lesson: How To Cure Email Marketing Irregularity And Constipation}

Submitted by: Joan Pasay

This diary entry is based on real life events.

Dear Email Marketing diary,

About six months ago, I went for my yearly visit to Dr. E. Newsletter. He poked and prodded and checked to make sure everything was working as it should, then he sat down on his little stool, looked me straight in the eyes and asked:

“How is the plumbing?”

I blushed, made note of the nearest exit, squirmed on my seat and said, “I thought you were a marketing doctor. Since when do you ask questions about, er, uh, the pipes?”

“I’m talking about your emails dummy,” he said. “Any blockage, inconsistency, irregularity or even — constipation?”

Still too shocked to comment on his analogy, I stuttered while answering. “Uh, we send out e-newsletters. Probably about fifteen in the last year.”

“What prompts you to send your messages?” he asked.

“When we have things to announce, like a few months ago one of our author’s published a new book so we told all our email subscribers about it. Then a few days later we got her book signing tour dates and locations so we emailed again to let the subscribers know where they could meet her. She appeared on CNN, so of course we had to tell everyone about that, and then yesterday we announced her e-course, so we emailed everyone again.”

“Sounds like you have been active. What were you doing before the book came out?” Dr. E. Newsletter asked.

“Oh, not much, everything was same old, same old, not really much to say. The author had not written anything new for a few years so we didn’t really have much to communicate.” I explained. “We really don’t want to bore people when we have nothing new to say. We had not sent any emails for about a year before the book came out, we had to retrain on the software, our skills were rusty. We had even forgotten the password to the admin panel!” I playfully giggled.

Feeling pretty proud of myself I sat back, looked around the examination room, crossed my arms and noticed my shirt was drenched. I was sweating like a pig! Was I sick? Had I picked up something in this office?

Dr. E. Newsletter noticed my physical condition and became very silent. He got out his prescription pad and started to scribble something.

I panicked and started talking very quickly, “We are not sick, you just said we are active. What are you giving me? I don’t want any marketing drugs.”

“Your emails over the past few months sounds like you were blocked and constipated for a year and then digested a book and got a case of Montezuma’s Email Revenge. You said you had sent about fifteen emails in the last year. How many of those were sent after the book came out?” Dr. E. Newsletter grunted.

“14…” I said, turning my head away in shame.

“Take the prescription, your email marketing campaign sounds like you need it,” Dr. E. Newsletter said as he shoved the pad towards me.

I left the doctor’s office that day a little shaken up. Dr. E. Newsletter had compared my email marketing campaign to a common bowel condition. Was my campaign really in trouble? Did it really stink?

It was two days before I even remembered to look at the prescription Dr. E. Newsletter had given me. What kind of a drug would I have to take to fix this?

Turns out, his prescription was pretty easy to follow. We only had to take one dose and we were regular again.

From the desk of Dr. E Newsletter: Take one does of Pepto-Bismail and

1) Send your email marketing newsletters on a pre-determined regular schedule.

2) Keep to the schedule, or stop sending e-newsletters.

Dr. E. Newsletter was right. We rarely got much of a response from our email newsletter campaigns. It probably had to do with our customers rarely hearing from us and then getting bombarded with messages when we wanted them to do something.

One customer even sent us a well written, but scolding, email that said she felt dirty when she would get our messages. It was clear we were only sending her email messages when we wanted something.

I booked a six-month check-up with Dr. E Newsletter. I go next Friday. I am actually looking forward to the visit. We’ve been sending e-newsletters once a week for about five months now. Oh sure, in the beginning we pulled our hair out a little, but after awhile we got in a groove and now the weekly email message gets sent every Wednesday at noon. Even in the summer when most of the group is on holidays we band together and get that e-newsletter out.

After my last visit to Dr. E Newsletter I vowed to never have my email marketing campaign referred to as constipated, irregular and (I am even ashamed to think it..) Montezuma’s Email Revenge. How embarrassing!

Dr. E. Newsletter mentioned to me that ‘Email Irregularity’ was the most common condition in email marketing. He said he prescribes gallons of Pepto-Bismail every week.

Readers: Email irregularity is a condition that is extremely dangerous. The customer in the story who said she felt dirty when she would get intermittent emails is a real person. Maybe your customers feel like she does.

This story was inspired by 4 different companies who suffer from Email Irregularity:

*A semi-famous author / coaching company who had not sent an email message in over two years, wrote a new book and then sent a flurry of messages hocking the book.

*A very famous author / business guru who had not sent an email message for months, made a new website, changed some business methods and sent a number of emails in a very short period of time hocking the new business approach.

*A baby products company that sends emails on a very inconsistent basis, and then sent two in one week, both hocking new products.

*A movie distribution company that usually sends an email message about once a month, and then decided to sent three messages in two days.

How would you have felt on the receiving end of these Email Marketing messages?

Having a regular scheduled email marketing campaign encourages:

*Your customers to expect to hear from you. Who knows, they might even look forward to your messages if you are providing real value.

*Repeat customer sales. The more times a customer hears from you, the more likely they are to partake of your services again. (The key is for them to hear from you frequently on a regular basis).

*A perception that you are still in business, you are consistent and you are always ready, willing and able to provide more goods and services.

Just in case you aren’t clear on the symptoms of ‘Email Irregularity’ here is a quick summary. If you experience these symptoms follow Dr. E. Newsletter’s prescription right away:

*No consistency in the frequency of your Email campaigns – Things are rather irregular.

*A flurry of email messages when something happens in your company Usual sending triggers are a new business approach, a new website, a new product or service – Montezuma’s Email Revenge.

*Long periods of time when you don’t send any email messages – Total Blockage. Your customers will think you are really sick or even are dead.

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Copyright 2005 – Joan Pasay


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Cisco 350 018 Ccie Security Written Latest Dumps It Dumps}

Submitted by: Sam98 Smith

The 350-018 CCIE Security written Cisco 350-018 CCIE Security Written latest dumps from It-dumps will help you to well settle in your life. The Cisco 350-018 CCIE Security Written latest dumps are also presented for the preparation of this 350-018 exam. Cisco 350-018 CCIE Security Written latest dumps with the help of our highly certified professionals according to the latest Cisco updates. Our Cisco 350-018 CCIE Security Written latest dumps assures you passing your 350-018 exam in your first attempt with high scores and become Cisco certified professional. At It-dumps, people can get all the required exam information for CCIE 350-018 test. We dont believe in low quality and have always been providing updated and accurate It-dumps Cisco 350-018 CCIE Security Written latest dumps to hundreds of now successful Exam candidates.

Cisco 350-018 CCIE Security Written latest dumps are set in this online exam through which CCIE Security written knowledge of Cisco certification 350-018 candidates related with management of automatic systems for emailing is checked. Demand of those CCIE professionals is increasing with time which is able to manage and launch automatic systems of communications through emails. It-dumps Cisco 350-018 CCIE Security Written latest dumps is one of the hardest exams facing students each year. It holds the key to enter into the big league by getting you a 350-018 exam. In order to pass 350-018 exam you must have good CCIE knowledge about latest advancements which could be used for launching emailing systems.

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Proper training for 350-018 Cisco test begin with preparation products designed to deliver real Cisco 350-018 results by making you pass the Cisco 350-018 test the first time. Where our competitor’s products provide a basic Cisco 350-018 CCIE Security Written latest dumps to prepare you for what may appear on the exam and prepare you for surprises, the It-dumps 350-018 Cisco certification test questions are complete, comprehensive and guarantees to prepare you for your Cisco exam. Moreover the 350-018 exam questions are worked out by I.T. experts who enable you to practice test questions in order to achieve your goal.

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How A Contractor Installs Awnings In Orland Park


Most all people enjoy spending time outdoors, but the sweltering heat of the summer sun can make it challenging to remain comfortable. While building an outdoor structure is an option that can make an outdoor space more pleasant, the cost associated with a project of this nature can be astronomical. Awnings in Orland Park are a great alternative, as they will provide shelter from the sun and rain, and can be installed for a price that won’t break the bank.

Home Preparation

The first step is to prepare the exterior of the home for installation of the support beams that are needed to hold the weight of the awning components. A technician will measure and mark where the support beams need to be located. They will then pre-drill the holes for the bolts that will hold the awning, which will ensure the device is installed in the correct location and that the bolts will be easy to start.

Support Bars And Awning Beams

Once the holes are drilled, the support bars will be secured to the house using the pre-drilled holes as a guide. Most contractors use aluminum bolts as they offer unparalleled strength and will not corrode due to exposure to outdoor elements such as rain. Once the supports are in place, they will then attach the Awnings Orland Park beams, which will serve as the framework for the installation of the awning cover.

Awning Cover Installation

The last step of the job is to place the awning cover over the support bars and beams. Once the Awnings in Orland Park is appropriately lined up, they will then use industrial velcro or plastic zip ties to secure it to the structure. As the awning is tightened onto the frame, it will begin to stretch, which will release any wrinkles that may have formed during shipment.

An awning allows anyone to enjoy the outdoors comfortably, and their affordability makes them a budget-friendly way to enhance an exterior area. The team at A Better Door & Window offers custom awning sales, installation, and repair services. Browse website to learn more about the full selection of awning products available and take the first step in making the most of any exterior living space.

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200 105 Test Certification}

200-105 Test Certification


Judith M. Ehlers

Question: 1

Which statement about QoS default behavior is true?

A. Ports are untrusted by default.

B. VoIP traffic is passed without being tagged.

C. Video traffic is passed with a well-known DSCP value of 46.

D. Packets are classified internally with an environment.

E. Packets that arrive with a tag are untagged at the edge of an administrative domain.

Answer: E

Frames received from users in the administratively-defined VLANs are classified or tagged for transmission to other devices. Based on rules that you define, a unique identifier (the tag) is inserted in each frame header before it is forwarded. The tag is examined and understood by each device before any broadcasts or transmissions to other switches, routers, or end stations. When the frame reaches the last switch or router, the tag is removed before the frame is sent to the target end station. VLANs that are assigned on trunk or access ports without identification or a tag are called native or untagged frames.

For IEEE 802.1Q frames with tag information, the priority value from the header frame is used. For native frames, the default priority of the input port is used.

Each port on the switch has a single receive queue buffer (the ingress port) for incoming traffic. When an untagged frame arrives, it is assigned the value of the port as its port default priority. You assign this value by using the CLI or CMS. A tagged frame continues to use its assigned CoS value when it passes through the ingress port.

Question: 2

Refer to the exhibit.

Router edge-1 is unable to establish OSPF neighbor adjacency with router ISP-1. Which two configuration changes can you make on edge-1 to allow the two routers to establish adjacency? (Choose two.)

A. Set the subnet mask on edge-1 to 255 255.255.252.

B. Reduce the MTU on edge-1 to 1514.

C. Set the OSPF cost on edge-1 to 1522.

D. Reduce the MTU on edge-1 to 1500.

E. Configure the ip ospf mtu-ignore command on the edge-1 Gi0/0 interface.

Answer: D, E

A situation can occur where the interface MTU is at a high value, for example 9000, while the real value of the size of packets that can be forwarded over this interface is 1500.

If there is a mismatch on MTU on both sides of the link where OSPF runs, then the OSPF adjacency will not form because the MTU value is carried in the Database Description (DBD) packets and checked on the other side.

Question: 3

Which statement about MPLS is true?

A. It operates in Layer 1.

B. It operates between Layer 2 and Layer 3.

C. It operates in Layer 3.

D. it operates in Layer 2.

Answer: B

MPLS belongs to the family of packet-switched networks. MPLS operates at a layer that is generally considered to lie between traditional definitions of OSI Layer 2 (data link layer) and Layer 3 (network layer), and thus is often referred to as a layer 2.5 protocol.

Question: 4

Which statement about named ACLs is true?

A. They support standard and extended ACLs.

B. They are used to filter usernames and passwords for Telnet and SSH.

C. They are used to filter Layer 7 traffic.

D. They support standard ACLs only.

E. They are used to rate limit traffic destined to targeted networks.

Answer: A

Named Access Control Lists (ACLs) allows standard and extended ACLs to be given names instead of numbers. Unlike in numbered Access Control Lists (ACLs), we can edit Named Access Control Lists. Another benefit of using named access configuration mode is that you can add new statements to the access list, and insert them wherever you like. With the legacy syntax, you must delete the entire access list before reapplying it using the updated rules.

Question: 5

Which two switch states are valid for 802.1w? (Choose two.)

A. listening

B. backup

C. disabled

D. learning

E. discarding

Answer: D, E

Port States

There are only three port states left in RSTP that correspond to the three possible operational states. The 802.1D disabled, blocking, and listening states are merged into a unique 802.1w discarding state.

Question: 6

Which option is the benefit of implementing an intelligent DNS for a cloud computing solution?

A. It reduces the need for a backup data center.

B. It can redirect user requests to locations that are using fewer network resources.

C. It enables the ISP to maintain DNS records automatically.

D. It eliminates the need for a GSS.

Answer: B

Question: 7

Which identification number is valid for an extended ACL?

A. 1

B. 64

C. 99

D. 100

E. 299

F. 1099

Answer: D

Question: 8

Which two pieces of information are provided by the show controllers serial 0 command? (Choose two.)

A. the type of cable that is connected to the interface.

B. The uptime of the interface

C. the status of the physical layer of the interface

D. the full configuration of the interface

E. the interface’s duplex settings

Answer: A, C

The show controller command provides hardware-related information useful to troubleshoot and diagnose issues with Cisco router interfaces. The Cisco 12000 Series uses a distributed architecture with a central command-line interface (CLI) at the Gigabit Route Processor (GRP) and a local CLI at each line card.

Question: 9

Which three options are the HSRP states for a router? (Choose three.)

A. initialize

B. learn

C. secondary

D. listen

E. speak

F. primary

Answer: B, D, E

HSRP States

Question: 10

While you were troubleshooting a connection issue, a ping from one VLAN to another VLAN on the same switch failed. Which command verifies that IP routing is enabled on interfaces and the local VLANs are up?

A. show ip interface brief

B. show ip nat statistics

C. show ip statistics

D. show ip route

Answer: A

Initiate a ping from an end device in one VLAN to the interface VLAN on another VLAN in order to verify that the switch routes between VLANs. In this example, ping from VLAN 2 ( to Interface VLAN 3 ( or Interface VLAN 10 ( If the ping fails, verify that IP routing is enabled and that the VLAN interfaces status is up with the show ip interface brief command.

Question: 11

Which protocol authenticates connected devices before allowing them to access the LAN?

A. 802.1d

B. 802.11

C. 802.1w

D. 802.1x

Answer: D


802.1X authentication involves three parties: a supplicant, an authenticator, and an authentication server. The supplicant is a client device (such as a laptop) that wishes to attach to the LAN/WLAN. The term ‘supplicant’ is also used interchangeably to refer to the software running on the client that provides credentials to the authenticator. The authenticator is a network device, such as an Ethernet switch or wireless access point; and the authentication server is typically a host running software supporting the RADIUS and EAP protocols.

The authenticator acts like a security guard to a protected network. The supplicant (i.e., client device) is not allowed access through the authenticator to the protected side of the network until the supplicants identity has been validated and authorized. An analogy to this is providing a valid visa at the airport’s arrival immigration before being allowed to enter the country. With 802.1X port-based authentication, the supplicant provides credentials, such as user name/password or digital certificate, to the authenticator, and the authenticator forwards the credentials to the authentication server for verification. If the authentication server determines the credentials are valid, the supplicant (client device) is allowed to access resources located on the protected side of the network.

Question: 12

What is a difference between TACACS+ and RADIUS in AAA?

A. Only TACACS+ allows for separate authentication.

B. Only RADIUS encrypts the entire access-request packet.

C. Only RADIUS uses TCP.

D. Only TACACS+ couples authentication and authorization.

Answer: A

Authentication and Authorization

RADIUS combines authentication and authorization. The access-accept packets sent by the RADIUS server to the client contain authorization information. This makes it difficult to decouple authentication and authorization.

TACACS+ uses the AAA architecture, which separates AAA. This allows separate authentication solutions that can still use TACACS+ for authorization and accounting. For example, with TACACS+, it is possible to use Kerberos authentication and TACACS+ authorization and accounting. After a NAS authenticates on a Kerberos server, it requests authorization information from a TACACS+ server without having to re-authenticate. The NAS informs the TACACS+ server that it has successfully authenticated on a Kerberos server, and the server then provides authorization information.

During a session, if additional authorization checking is needed, the access server checks with a TACACS+ server to determine if the user is granted permission to use a particular command. This provides greater control over the commands that can be executed on the access server while decoupling from the authentication mechanism.

Question: 13

Which statement about the IP SLAs ICMP Echo operation is true?

A. The frequency of the operation .s specified in milliseconds.

B. It is used to identify the best source interface from which to send traffic.

C. It is configured in enable mode.

D. It is used to determine the frequency of ICMP packets.

Answer: D

This module describes how to configure an IP Service Level Agreements (SLAs) Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) Echo operation to monitor end-to-end response time between a Cisco router and devices using IPv4 or IPv6. ICMP Echo is useful for troubleshooting network connectivity issues. This module also demonstrates how the results of the ICMP Echo operation can be displayed and analyzed to determine how the network IP connections are performing.

ICMP Echo Operation

The ICMP Echo operation measures end-to-end response time between a Cisco router and any devices using IP. Response time is computed by measuring the time taken between sending an ICMP Echo request message to the destination and receiving an ICMP Echo reply.

In the figure below ping is used by the ICMP Echo operation to measure the response time between the source IP SLAs device and the destination IP device. Many customers use IP SLAs ICMP-based operations, in-house ping testing, or ping-based dedicated probes for response time measurements.

Figure 1. ICMP Echo Operation

The IP SLAs ICMP Echo operation conforms to the same IETF specifications for ICMP ping testing and the two methods result in the same response times.

Configuring a Basic ICMP Echo Operation on the Source Device


1. enable

2. configure terminal

3. ip sla operation-number

4. icmp-echo {destination-ip-address | destination-hostname} [source-ip {ip-address | hostname} | source-interface interface-name]

5. frequency seconds

6. end

Question: 14

Which type of interface can negotiate an IP address for a PPPoE client?

A. Ethernet

B. dialer

C. serial

D. Frame Relay

Answer: B

Question: 15

Which option is a benefit of switch stacking?

A. It provides redundancy with no impact on resource usage.

B. It simplifies adding and removing hosts.

C. It supports better performance of high-needs applications.

D. It provides higher port density with better resource usage.

Answer: D

A stackable switch is a network switch that is fully functional operating standalone but which can also be set up to operate together with one or more other network switches, with this group of switches showing the characteristics of a single switch but having the port capacity of the sum of the combined switches.

Question: 16

What is the first step you perform to configure an SNMPv3 user?

A. Configure server traps.

B. Configure the server group.

C. Configure the server host.

D. Configure the remote engine ID.

Answer: B

The first task in configuring SNMPv3 is to define a view. To simplify things, we’ll create a view that allows access to the entire internet subtree:

router(config)#snmp-server view readview internet included

This command creates a view called readview. If you want to limit the view to the system tree, for example, replace internet with system. The included keyword states that the specified tree should be included in the view; use excluded if you wanted to exclude a certain subtree.

Next, create a group that uses the new view. The following command creates a group called readonly ; v3 means that SNMPv3 should be used. The auth keyword specifies that the entity should authenticate packets without encrypting them; read readview says that the view named readview should be used whenever members of the readonly group access the router.

router(config)#snmp-server group readonly v3 auth read readview

Question: 17

Which spanning-tree feature places a port immediately into a forwarding stated?

A. BPDU guard

B. PortFast

C. loop guard


E. Uplink Fast

Answer: B

PortFast causes a switch or trunk port to enter the spanning tree forwarding state immediately, bypassing the listening and learning states. You can use PortFast on switch or trunk ports that are connected to a single workstation, switch, or server to allow those devices to connect to the network immediately, instead of waiting for the port to transition from the listening and learning states to the forwarding state.

Question: 18

How can you disable DTP on a switch port?

A. Configure the switch port as a trunk.

B. Add an interface on the switch to a channel group.

C. Change the operational mode to static access.

D. Change the administrative mode to access.

Answer: A

Question: 19

If host Z needs to send data through router R1 to a storage server, which destination MAC address does host Z use to transmit packets?

A. the host Z MAC address

B. the MAC address of the interface on R1 that connects to the storage server

C. the MAC address of the interface on R1 that connects to host Z

D. the MAC address of the storage server interface

Answer: C

Question: 20

Which Cisco platform can verify ACLs?

A. Cisco Prime Infrastructure

B. Cisco Wireless LAN Controller

C. Cisco APIC-EM

D. Cisco IOS-XE

Answer: B

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