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Senseless Road Deaths And Lessons Learned From Traffic Video Security Cameras

Submitted by: Nahshon Roberts

Needless Road Deaths

Each year some 42,636 people die on the road. Most victims are done in by gigantic lorries and trucks as played back by traffic video security cameras. People have died from horrible wounds from the deadly impact of vehicular accidents or getting dragged and thrown meters away by a speeding car. If they survive, they are comatose, maimed or live with emotional and psychological scars time cannot heal.

From the footages, there are lessons to be learned. Improper use of seatbelts, speeding, overtaking other vehicles, and plain ignorance of traffic laws are the common causes of road deaths and vehicular accidents.

Evidences from video security cameras cannot nail the perpetrators. Errant drivers are let off with “driving without due care and attention” – when a life was lost here. This is outrageous indeed. Stories of only child deaths on the road are indications that stiffer traffic law should be carried out, or lorry and truck drivers should undergo training on careful driving to prevent needless deaths.

In the USA, accidents happen on roads where there is less danger, with traffic lights and video security cameras to keep a watchful eye or careless drivers. But accidents happen here more often than on a turnpike where drivers are more careful.

What’s to Be Done?

The video security cameras cannot stop road accidents but can provide proof of reckless driving and show the unfolding events leading to the accidents. The footages show lorries and trucks going through red lights without compunction, speeding, lorries swerving to beat traffic, and drivers taking to the wrong side of the road.


The video cameras have also caught hit and run drivers, but to no avail – the maniacs go free after brief jail terms while families have to live with the agony of losing loved ones for years.

As a parent, warn your children from biking in the fast lanes or drinking and driving. But the problem is, no matter how careful you child is, the maniacs on the road don’t toe the line. They drive through red lights and drive beyond speed limits uncaring of the accidents waiting to happen.

As a parent, know the following statistics:

* Motor vehicle crash deaths occur during late night driving, usually between 9 pm and 6 am.

* The chance of deadly collisions increase when a 16 year old is at the wheel and 41/2 times more if the driver is alone.

* 60 percent of teenagers do not use seatbelts properly as shown by statistics of fatal car crashes.

* Drinking and driving have killed 23 percent of young people with ages 15 to 20

The traffic video security cameras show how road deaths happen and teach people how to avoid road accidents. But the most important lesson you can impart to your children is to teach them to be careful while they are driving or crossing the street. They have years ahead of them if they are careful. But drivers on the road should also heed traffic rules – the life they save maybe their own.

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Plastic Surgery

I Have Achilles Tendonitis… Could It Be Caused By The Antibiotic I Took?

By Nathan Wei

Tendons are ropes of tissue that connect muscles to bones and allow joint motion. When a muscle contracts, the tendon is pulled and the bone that the tendon is connected to moves.

Tendons consist of collagen (mostly type I collagen) and elastin that sit inside a matrix (framework) with collagen accounting for 65-80% and elastin approximately 1-2% of the mass of the tendon.

Collagen and elastin are produced by special cells called tenoblasts and tenocytes. Crosslinks strengthen the collagen and help them form fibrils which are thin fibers. These fibrils are bunched together to form a collagen fiber which is the basic unit of a tendon. The entire tendon is surrounded by a fine connective tissue sheath called epitenon. The actual structure of a tendon is very complex with fibers being oriented horizontally, longitudinally, and diagonally.

As mentioned above, the basic function of a tendon is to transmit the force created by the muscle to the bone, and, in this way, make joint movement possible. Normally, tendon tissue is extremely tough but it can be damaged through excessive shear forces, trauma, and, recently, with certain drugs.

The Food and Drug Administration recently notified the makers of fluoroquinolone antimicrobial drugs for systemic use of the need to add a boxed warning to the prescribing information about the increased risk of developing tendonitis and tendon rupture. In addition, a Medication Guide for patients was also mandated.


The actual wording of the FDA statement was…

‘Fluoroquinolones are associated with an increased risk of tendinitis and tendon rupture. This risk is further increased in those over age 60, in kidney, heart, and lung transplant recipients, and with use of concomitant steroid therapy. Physicians should advise patients, at the first sign of tendon pain, swelling, or inflammation, to stop taking the fluoroquinolone, to avoid exercise and use of the affected area, and to promptly contact their doctor about changing to a non-fluoroquinolone antimicrobial drug.

Tendinitis and tendon rupture most frequently involves the Achilles tendon, and rupture of the Achilles tendon may require surgical repair. Tendinitis and tendon rupture in the rotator cuff (the shoulder), the hand, the biceps, and the thumb have also been reported. Tendon rupture can occur during or after completion of fluoroquinolone use; cases occurring up to several months after completion of therapy have been reported.

Selection of a fluoroquinolone for the treatment or prevention of an infection should be limited to those conditions that are proven or strongly suspected to be caused by bacteria.’

Currently available fluoroquinolone antimicrobial drugs include ciprofloxacin (marketed as Cipro and generic ciprofloxacin), ciprofloxacin extended release (Cipro XR and Proquin XR), gemifloxacin (marketed as Factive), levofloxacin (marketed as Levaquin), moxifloxacin (marketed as Avelox), norfloxacin (marketed as Noroxin), and ofloxacin (marketed as Floxin and generic ofloxacin).

The warnings about fluoroquinolones and adverse effects on tendons applies only to fluoroquinolones for systemic use (e.g., tablets, capsules and injectable formulations); it does not apply to fluoroquinolones for eye or ear use (e.g., eye drops and ear drops).

This danger has been known to be present for approximately 14 years with case reports first surfacing in the 1990’s.

One group of investigators have stated, ‘current exposure to fluoroquinolones increases the risk of Achilles tendon disorders. This finding is in agreement with a smaller study, in which we found an association between tendinitis and fluoroquinolones’ (van der Linden PD, et al. BMJ 2002;324:1306-1307).

Researchers feel that the mechanism is due to a toxic effect on collagen fibers. This may be caused by a substance called matrix metalloproteinase.

Bottom line? Avoid these antibiotics if you have any of the above risk factors!

About the Author: Nathan Wei, MD FACP FACR is a nationally known board-certified rheumatologist. For more info:

Arthritis Treatment


Tendonitis and PRP


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See How A Cosmetic Dentist Can Make You Look Younger

See How a Cosmetic Dentist Can Make You Look Younger



As we age, our teeth may require even more attention to stay fit than before. It is not necessary that the beauty and health of your teeth will deteriorate with age, but as we move on in life, the continuous use of our teeth, especially with the modern day lifestyle, take a toll on their appearance. Just when you know that it is time to give your teeth a makeover, you know where to go. A cosmetic dentist, with the help of his expertise and tools, can really change the way your teeth look.

These are some of the most common dental treatments that people opt for

Teeth Whitening


The most popular or the most used cosmetic procedure, teeth whitening, fulfils the most basic need of good looking teeth. The natural colour of the teeth is white and that is why it becomes important to clean the pale colour off your teeth in order to get a complete smile. You will find several over-the-counter methods which can give you shiny white teeth, but they are either not effective enough, or not long lasting. Professional whitening methods are much durable and produce better results. .


Veneers are the light shells, prepared to make your teeth look spotless. They are made of a white coloured material, which sticks to the surface of the teeth easily and matches the colour of the enamel, making the end result appear very natural. It can be used to restore disfigured teeth, close gap between teeth and give an even shape to gums. .


In this procedure, a composite is used to make up for the loss to the surface of the tooth or for filling gaps and cavities. This composite, usually white in colour, bonds with the enamel making a long lasting solution. A cosmetic dentist can use this procedure for twin purposes, for making teeth look good and to save them from further damage.


Crowns or caps are artificial covering for one s teeth when their biting surface has been damaged too a great extent. It replaces the entire surface of the damaged tooth, unlike other restoration methods. As the material used is enamel coloured, it is difficult to tell a crown apart from the original teeth. It is best suited for those who damaged their teeth while a root canal treatment or due to decay.

It might be easy to find a good dentist but it may not be easy to select one. Choose a cosmetic dentist not on the basis of the fee he charges but on the amount of trust his patients put in him. It is always a good idea to first measure the success of the dentist by either talking to your friends who have consulted him or by taking a look at the testimonials given by former patients. That way, you will know that you are putting your smile in the right hands.

Get advanced cosmetic dentistry treatments such as Teeth Whitening, Braces, Bonding, Crowns and Veneers from

Cosmetic Dentist in Mississauga


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Common Mistakes Food Handlers Could Make Without The Proper Training

Food handlers have been working in American restaurants, fast-food chains and food processing plants for decades. But with the ever increasing demand for fast-food at restaurant chains and processed food that fly off the shelves at supermarkets, the food handler has now become the backbone of the modern food industry. It is because of the food handlers that today’s demands in food products are met and the only reason why products can be made available globally.

However with such a large number of people working in restaurants and food processing facilities, it has become increasingly hard to monitor them, but thanks to the rules and regulations put forth by the health departments, most states in America have to see to it that all food handlers are certified and trained before they are allowed to begin working. A food handler’s certification provides training that helps keep employee hygiene in check and also helps reduce improper storage of food in restaurants and other establishments. But not all food handlers have a food handler’s permit which technically does not qualify them to conduct tasks because their lack of knowledge about food safety violations could lead to enormous outbreaks of illnesses. This is why food handler certifications are now compulsory in most states leading to healthier and more hygienic food handling and storage practices.

Below are some of the common mistakes that an untrained food handler would make which lead to food getting contaminated and eventually affecting the customers to whom food is served to.


Proper food establishments will always have their employees well dressed but that does not mean that the servers and food handlers not wear a hat or a hairnet to avoid hair from falling into foods while serving or processing them. Work clothing (or aprons) that food handlers wear over their regular clothing also needs to be cleaned from time to time and they also need to avoid cleaning their hands with them in order to avoid food contamination.

In terms of personal hygiene food handlers need to have the fingernails shortened and always changing the gloves that are used from time to time to avoid extended use and build up of germs on them leading to contamination. In food processing food handlers should always try to use utensils instead of hands to keep contact with the food to a minimal.

Food handlers need to avoid being at work when sick because in this way the food that they work with does not get contaminated easily and the germs are at bay with other employees too.

When it comes to equipment, food handlers should make sure that the same utensils should not be used in two instances like in the case of handling raw and cooked meat. This can lead to serious illnesses on the consumers end since raw meat contains a healthy amount of bacteria which cause poisoning and nausea.

SafeWay Certifications ensures that food handlers get the knowledge about the dos and don’ts about proper food handling and storage. They provide food handler’s certifications online to make training simpler and more convenient. To know more about SafeWay Certifications, kindly visit them online at

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About Author: based in Austin, Texas specializes in online training and certification for Food Handlers Certification , Child Care Certification, Food Handlers Card and TABC Certification. Author: Jeff Harry

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Sports Marketing Methods In Football

By Larry Lim

It is no doubt that football is the darling of all sports lovers in the world. One can comfortably say that mush of the sport’s popularity can be attributed to the sports marketing strategies employed for the game. The hyping of the sport has not only stopped been a cash cow for the various brands that want to be associated with the sport, but also to the involved players who have made billions from the deals off the pitch. But in the quest to market the sport, the industry has also seen some crazy marketing methods being employed, and one might doubt whether they are really for the love of the game.

Magazines and Newspapers

There are lots of magazines that specifically advertise deal with advertisement of football and football products. In fact, magazines are not just popular sports marketing methods for football alone, but for many other sports as well. Some magazines can have designs and pictures that are very glamorous that you will be left yearning to take to the field.

Newspapers usually propagate their marketing through their sports pages. Despite sports being a major part of the newspaper content, the relationship is more of symbiotic in that the games -in this case football- also gets market exposure at the same time. In fact, there are people who love football so much that the first thing they do when they get their newspapers in the morning is to open the sports page and see what’s new in the game.


Through Sponsorship Deals

This method of marketing sports is perhaps one of the oldest when it comes to football. Many of the football clubs today are supported through sports sponsorship. The sponsorships can take many forms and normally comes from both corporate companies and communities.

When it comes to sports sponsorship from companies, the major players are the companies that deal in sports products, both manufacturing and distribution. There are football clubs that are even known by the name of the sponsor. In return, these companies usually benefit from increased sales revenue for their products.

Online Methods

With everything else going online, it would be so ridiculous to have football not being marketed online. Almost all the major football clubs that play in football leagues in their countries have websites. These websites are in turn marketed by various marketing companies to boost the popularity of the clubs.

When considering online marketing methods for football, one has to factor in all the usual online marketing techniques including fresh content, online promotions, live charts, just to name but a few. And another important aspect that has rapidly picked is the social media marketing tools. These are also gaining momentum with sports, especially amongst the young generation.

Television Media

This is perhaps the epitome of football marketing. There are some TV channels that are specifically dedicated to sports promotion and marketing. And as if that is not enough, there are some which you will find streaming only football affairs. The major football leagues usually get very comprehensive coverage not only on weekends, but virtually all the time.

In all the above sports marketing methods for football, you notice that rarely do the marketers come out without huge profits, be it the TV channels, the magazines, the sponsors and so on. This shows the amount of popularity that the sport has and will continue to have in the future.

About the Author: Larry Lim writes for

Sports Marketing Hong Kong



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Protect Your Business And Residential Homes From The Burglars With Expert Lock Services

Protect Your Business And Residential Homes From The Burglars With Expert Lock Services


tomas justin

Sweet homes require proper security system installed in it in order to protect it from possible security threats and damages. Your house is the most beautiful place you love in this world; your love for your house is reflected through the interior and exterior decoration of the same. The interiors of any building are comprised of the walls, furniture, windows and doors etc. These are some of the important parts of the inside of any house or building. Many important documents, money or valuable jewelry items are kept in any dwelling house; so the question of safety would arise at this juncture. How safe a building is can be judged on different parameters. One of the main parameter is the door quality; one can use

rolling gate manhattan

as the main of his house so that the safety measure would be better.


Other considerations which all are equally important are the size of the building; in case of large building it would be easier from someone to hide inside it. Also the locality where it is situated matters a lot; some of the localities are prone to theft where the chance of robbery is more than the other places of a city. The locksmith designers of Manhattan, park slope accordingly design the doors and locks so that the customers requirement can be met. The designs of the locks are so technologically so advanced that the buyers of these locks would definitely feel very satisfied about the safety of their Premises. Also as we all know that the sales promotion strategy should be such developed that it would be very easier to reach to thousands of potential consumers. Modern technologies such as websites, internet etc. are frequently used by the

rolling gate manhattan

lock manufacturing companies in order to promote their products to the buyers. Your office, shops or other business points and the residential home security policy would be stronger than before and this would uplift the confidence; also once you are satisfied about the safety measurement installed you can concentrate in other areas of your life so that harmonization becomes possible among all the corners in more efficient ways.

Once the locksmith agencies can make you aware about the types of services they are providing to their esteemed customers you being a patron of their business will help in business promotion measure by making more people aware about their outstanding service. These agencies are having toll free phone number where you can call and discuss about any security threats you are currently facing with their customer care executives. These executives are having thorough professional knowledge to provide the best consultancy service. The locksmith park slope is well aware about the customer s choice; they provide twenty four hours service to all the patrons such as installation of close circuit Television (CCTV), access control system etc. In this way they provide the best of services at your door step. They also provide different other categories of services containing different features. In this manner they combine among different corners of life at one go with their perfect service as and when required.

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bestows you provides 24/7 residential and commercial Locks repair, Emergency locksmiths, Broken key extraction and so many services.

Locksmith Manhattan

is also another name comes with identical services. The

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Lots Of Advantages To Learning Online

Submitted by: Larry Clardy

The actual decision concerning one’s profession could be overpowering. The options regarding jobs and also options over these instances are usually several. You can find plenty of things to consider such as; study duration, expenses involving programs, presence regarding courses, working and learning simultaneously, qualifying measures reliability, the particular want for all those inside the job, and so on. There’s so a lot to think about. Learning on the internet provides the contemporary remedy to these issues.

On the web research offers a lot of rewards. First of all, anyone don’t need to choose in between full-time study or an earnings. Pertaining to numerous your existing challenging financial times get this to an not possible selection, because loss involving revenue could be incredibly harmful. This is this kind of pretty concern that generally helps prevent some people through also trying in order to accomplish his or her desired skills. When you study on line, a person do so in your personal pace. You merely want any laptop or computer with an Web interconnection, which in turn means there is zero have to attend any classes. You will find some other rewards which include saving costs upon carry back and forth from college, along with there’s absolutely no will need for families for you to give up funds pertaining to residence, gas or even food costs.


There’s no hesitation in which when you are generally newly certified and utilize to get a job, it usually assists to get the actual massive ‘E’: Encounter. Experience is the essential whenever looking for work opportunities in different skilled discipline. Experience is the thing that number : your qualification or even qualification is only a new foundation on which usually one builds a person’s career. The challenge along with studying full-time by way of any college, is the fact that 1 fights for you to obtain the time to be able to acquire this particular experience.

Together with on-line research, you minimize away every day going and so are ready in order to construction your entire day to include both, paid work within your field (even expertise in the really base may be your ‘cherry in top’ on your application in the sight of these long term workplace), volunteer function or apprenticeship. Competition regarding work opportunities these days will be difficult. Studying on the net offers 1 time and chance for you to gain the large ‘E’. Keep in mind furthermore the distinction in between an ‘ordinary’ application plus an ‘extraordinary’ continue, is simply that will small touch ‘extra’! This really is in which the operating encounter arrives inside as well as on the web study allows that you achieve this specific in the ‘all-in-one’ timeframe.

You’ll find those of us which, a new ‘little older’ compared to our substantial college move on alternatives, would prefer to not attend courses. On-line research is the response to the. One will be ready to prevent the actual eventfulness involving student campus daily life, as well as concurrently carry on along with a person’s career whilst gaining desire certifications.

Regardless of whether you’re any college student whom wants to be able to acquire operating encounter while studying, or a mom who needs moment to be with the youngsters, online study is often your response regarding achieving your own career objectives.

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Why Have A Corgi In The Family?

Submitted by: Kay Stevens

This is easily answered in two words – Unconditional Love. The Corgi will love you no matter what. He will love you whether you’re rich or poor, famous or infamous, healthy or sick, young or old, liked or disliked, caring or even uncaring, the Corgi will be faithful to you. Where else could you find a love like that?

About the Corgi

There are two types of Corgis, Cardigan Welsh Corgi and Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Probably the best known is the Pembroke Corgi made famous as The Queen’s Dogs.

Because of this a lot of people think of a Corgi as being a small nippy, yappy dog. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The Corgi doesn’t yap – he barks.

Although the Corgi is a small dog (grows to approx. 25cm-30cm, 10″-12″), he is not a “small” dog. He is a big dog in a small dog’s body. He has a relatively normal body length but has short legs.


The Cardigan Corgi has a normal length tail whilst the Pembroke Corgi generally has a docked tail.


The Corgi can be easily trained because he is naturally intelligent. But at the same time he can be stubborn.


No major worries. The main concern is weight (which applies to us all). The Corgi does like his tucker so a sensible diet is recommended. If you allow him to over-eat and he wacks on the weight then that puts a strain on his back and hips. Average lifespan is 12 – 15 years.


The coat of the Corgi is reasonably dense but short. It is easily brushed and doesn’t require a lot of time spent to keep him looking good.

So, Why Have a Corgi?

We know that he is loving, easily trained, doesn’t take much effort to groom and his health is generally good. One very important point that hasn’t been mentioned yet is his ability to integrate into the family. The Corgi is extremely adaptable to his surroundings.

You could have him on a large property where he can run around. You could have him with kids who would play with him. Or an elderly person could have a Corgi in an appartment where he would be content just to sit and watch T.V.

To put it in a nutshell, he is VERSATILE.

You must consider all these points when choosing a dog breed which will be suitable for your family.

Why would you NOT consider a Corgi for your family?

About the Author: Kay Stevens writes for

where you can learn everything about Corgis and the products available to keep them fit and healthy.


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Hair Transplant Surgeons

What Does Knee Replacement Surgery Cost?

By Hannah Munson

If you are an athlete who joins in sports like basketball, soccer or skiing, you may be included in the high rate of incidence needing anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) surgery. Sports persons who does heavy duty physical activities may experience wearing out and putting great pressure on their knees, and ACL surgery is to treat problems like this one. Most of the time female athletes have higher rates of injuries than male athletes do.

What does Anterior Cruciate Ligament replacement cost?

The ACL surgery cost varies on how severe your knee problem is, and where you would like your operation be done. If the patient who will undergo this kind of surgery does not have any health insurance, the cost of ACL surgery can be from $25,000 to $55,000. This includes the physician fee for performing the surgery, which ranges form $1,000 to $2,000 depending on the complication of the procedure. Anesthesia is needed in the procedure, this may cost about $650 to $900, while the hospital fee would be amounting to $800. For fast recovery, you may also need to prepare extra amount for physical therapy, which you might have to pay the physical therapist on hourly basis, as well as medications, and medical machines and equipments which can cost to about $600. However, if the patient has insurance the cost can be better and cheaper. It is also known to the medical field that ACL surgery in the Asian countries is less expensive.


In the recovery phase, the patient will also need to provide crutches that could cost only about $35, and will continue on some medications that can cost $110. The patient can do various knee exercises in the first two weeks, to help reduce the swelling of the ligament. And then he will be able to attain good posture and gait in the next ten weeks if he does his therapy continuously. Patience is really needed in the entire time of the therapy, because it usually takes six months for a patient to be fully recovered and can get back with their normal lives.

Going overseas to save money

What you will find is that if you can’t afford the surgery in your hometown, many people have traveled overseas to get a better deal in countries such as India. By going to a place like this, you can save as much as 80% on your surgery. Yes, you’re going to still be able to work with a legit Doctor, but you will find that you can shift away from the over inflated USA prices.

If you don’t have insurance, you shouldn’t have to worry as there are many programs, as well as assistance that can help you out. Refer to your state’s health department if you want to get more information on what they can do for you. You will find that there are many programs that you can take advantage of.

While the price tag may look high here, be sure to consult with your hospital to get a better understanding on what they are going to charge.

About the Author: Want to know the

cost of ACL surgery

in your area? See what other people are paying over at HowMuchIsIt.


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Real Estate

Finding And Living On Mountain Land

Submitted by: A Peterson

Much Mountain Land Can be Great Farm Land and Found Using A Property Finde

Although it would sound much cooler if I was to try to bill myself as an expert here, the truth is we are learning this together. I come from a computer programming background. Everything in programming is about solving some kind of problem. But right now, our current problem is that we want and need to acquire some mountain land. So, we will suppose we would like to find a particular kind of mountain land. I will assume that we are not looking for the mansions of Dynasty here, so lets just go with trying to find some land in the mountains that would be good farm land, a secluded place that would lend itself to my hermit ways, some place that would have good acreage (at least five acres), and it would be good for solar power or wind turbine power. Off-grid acreage is generally cheaper, and we remember that we did not want to spend a fortune, right?

I will start off with the most basic methods we can use to find land. Understand that if you go to a major search engine like Google and just type in “Mountain Land,” you are going to get everything but the kitchen sink. We want to qualify that a little bit, so instead lets type in this phrase:

mountain acreage off-grid

Using this search, we will find about 143,000 results, but even this may not be all we want, but we can start with this search. Some of these properties will come up with cabins and sheds and the whole bit for a hefty chunk of change because they are all of the above. They are off-grid. They are on acreage. They are on a mountain. Our problem is that some of these listings qualify for all these search terms, but because they are fully developed, they are more expensive.

I am not saying this is bad. If you want to save yourself a lot of work and you have the money to pay for most everything already being done, be my guest. There are a million ways to do this, and that is one of them. Yet, most of us will want to save that money and spend it in sweat equity instead. Many of us will use the land for camping just starting off. Maybe we will also try to get the ground ready to use for farm land, or we may find that we have to bring in river bed soil in order to grow crops. This is to say that not all of us will be wanting to build a dwelling right away. Many of us will also want this land to be unrestricted. This also saves in fees and taxes.

Off-grid land is almost perfect for this because they are usually so remote that nobody has gotten around to restricting the property.

There are many great Guides To Buying Land, and before I spent thousands of my dollars on something I will have to put up with forever, I would certainly invest the money in a book or two to read about those pitfalls of land buying that I may not know about. There is plenty I do not know, and it will save you and me plenty of money to admit this fact up front and always be willing to learn about things that we were not educated enough to ask the right questions about.

The first site I see listed on Google, I visit. I see off grid land there, however, it is listing 1.25 acres. It is somewhat cheap. $3,995 for 1.25 acres that is in the middle of nowhere is not bad. It probably does not fill the bill though. We want enough land that we may be able to keep poultry, some animals, and do some agriculture on our farm land. There are several items this property does fit the bill for, like the seclusion to be a hermit if I want, mountains, or even a great place for camping.


The next phrase I use in Google is:

aw mountain acreage off-grid

Now we are getting somewhere. The very first web site result is a property finder that lists 10 acres in the high desert in Nevada at the top of the page.

They want $14,900 for it. This is a remarkable price at $1,490 an acre! Ten acres is enough to get great wind for a wind turbine or sun for solar panels to live off grid. You can grow great crops on this parcel because the land looks like good farm land and does not look like it has a lot of water runoff. We cannot know everything we need to know about this parcel until we contact them. But this result would be a great place to start our inquiries if we have cash in hand and are ready to buy.

The next place I found was, get this, 40 acres for $29,900! Wow! I can get 40 acres of land in Arizona, with vegetation and nice trees cheaper than I can buy most vehicles. Remember, this is only the second search in. We have not even started digging yet. You may not need 40 acres. But when I think about sitting in a cabin with a 20 acre margin on all sides, that sounds incredibly sweet to me.

Just using the search terms above, I am finding land situated in the mountains like crazy. This can be for camping, residential land, an agriculture property, and while it is not free, it almost is. This was just a simple search using the first property finder that came up in Google.

Mountains can be a wonderful place for the modern hermit.

As I used an online mortgage calculator for the parcel we listed above. I found that with 6 percent interest for 20 years, I could expect to have payments of $214 a month. If I added another $100 to that monthly payment, increasing the payment to $314 a month, I could expect to pay the land off in just 10 years. Of course, you could, if you have it, just pay cash. The total yearly taxes are $118. I would almost say you cannot beat that, but I would be incorrect, because you probably could.

This land would be fantastic for camping and becoming a hermit full time. All I would need would be a small stipend that could easily be done with part time work, or a nice little web business. If you are a hunter and you find a good spot in the mountains, you may find yourself with an appetite for big game, which can stock a freezer for a couple of winters.

What we are trying to escape here is the daily grind of a city bound job where you go into cubicle nation which is really just a prison with cheaper bars around you. Mountains lend themselves to the seclusion that a hermit needs and wants.

Do not let society sell you on the bad connotations that the word hermit brings. Some of the greatest people I have ever known were hermits. They were full of wisdom and really had a life rhythm that was relaxing to simply be around.

Although television likes to seed your mind with imagery of the hermit who sits outside on the porch with his shotgun to get after them revenuers, most just want to mind their own business. They don t want to mind anyone else’s business, and they don t want anyone to mind theirs.

They are hard workers who have farm land to develop. They live everywhere. They live in the mountains. They live in the hill country. They like camping. And, a hermit who has not found land yet, may live next door. If you and I are neighbors, then yes, you live next door to a hermit.

I am constantly amazed by the city dwellers I meet who intrinsically believe that they are somehow better than the hermit. To them, the reasons are so obvious as to why they are superior beings, that when pressed closely for the explanation to this superiority complex they have, they stare at you blankly, and are unable to answer. To them, you must have come from another planet if you do not understand why being a recluse is such a horrible thing.

But that’s ok, because you understand what a horrible thing it is always having to listen to someone else’s buzzing in close proximity.

Your Property in the Mountains, whether for Residential Property or Camping, can be Cheaper.

As I said before, when you are looking for land that is off the beaten path, miles away from the nearest on-grid power source, you can find land on the cheap. Again, at first you may only use this land for camping while you still live in the city. Everything does not have to happen at once.

Of course, that is not to say you will not use it as residential property to start with. However, you may find that you do not quite have to be right up to code with your dwelling because in many cases, depending upon your square footage, you will not have to comply with many of the building restrictions that accompany larger houses with on-grid property. It is here, in the wilderness of these mountains that you will need to be well versed in The Self-Sufficient Life and How to Live It. No worries there though. All you need is a little grit, a little study, a little determination, a little practice, a few financial resources, and a lot of time.

You have seen how much cheaper the land can get. It really all depends on how nice you need the property to be as well. There is land in West Texas and other desert property where the prices plummet even further.

While there are tons of parcels of land out there available as cheap property, we should be aware that whatever it is we buy, we will be with it for a very long time, for the rest of our lives in most cases. That is why it is so important to have a list of criteria that you have in mind for your land in the mountains.

I wrote a land calculator in a spreadsheet that had a list of criteria I liked about my ideal land, and then I grade other properties I am looking at. I compare the two scores and see where the deficiencies are. We have mentioned the land calculator in another article, but the main idea here is that we have to have a list of these criteria. Otherwise, we will let our emotions make the purchase for us, and most of the time, that will not be good, or logical.

Mountain Land can be your Farm Land, a Hermit Getaway, Good for Camping, Cheap, and Full of Solitude.

Whether you want your land in the mountains to go camping, for agriculture and farm land, to become a hermit, or just to say you own some property in the mountains, we must always remember that this is something of a spiritual quest.

I know some of my most peaceful times in life have been after I hiked up the back side of Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, Tennessee for a 4 day camping trip. It would take me about an hour and a half to summit on the back side, and I would be standing on an old Civil War railroad trestle. I could see 7 states from where I stood. The vistas were amazing. I wanted to stay there forever. Then I would hike on back to the 130 foot LuLu waterfalls where I would camp out and fish. It was truly beautiful.

And isn’t that what we are really looking for? Are we looking for the beautiful life?

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