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A Car Accident Lawyer In Wichita Will Be An Aggressive Advocate For You If You Are Injured In A Car Accident

byAlma Abell

Car accidents can leave you overwhelmed when you or your family are injured and your car is totaled. You will want an attorney who is a strong advocate for you. You may have hospital bills and other medical bills resulting from the accident, and your income may decline drastically. Your pain and suffering will add tremendously to the burden.

You do not need to feel as overwhelmed and your burden can be lessened considerably when you retain a Car Accident Lawyer in Wichita. He will become your strong advocate in resolving all of your problems other than those which are medical. However, he will also make sure you are getting the medical help you need. Repairing or replacing your car will be a priority for him.

Find Car Accident Lawyer in Wichita is the lawyer you will need. He will be an aggressive fighter for you and he is not going to settle a case just because it is easier to do so. He will take it all the way to trial and very likely win a settlement which is more appropriate in view of similar verdicts. His track record is one of success in and out of the court room. He will never minimize your injuries or try to convince you that a settlement offer is realistic when he knows it is far from being realistic.

He will look at the conditions where the accident happened to determine if the road was a contributing factor. He will examine the other car for any indication of reckless mechanical neglect such as bad brakes and bald tires. The other driver’s record will be reviewed for indications of past driving violations. Sometimes, the other driver’s record will paint a picture of a careless driver whose conduct behind the wheel is reckless. He may neglect his vehicle to the point where it is dangerous to drive. A Car Accident Lawyer in Wichita will not overlook any detail which might have an effect upon the successful outcome of your case.

Your attorney will interview the EMS Team and the Emergency Room staff who treated you. He will obtain all of your medical records including x-rays and MRIs to have his own expert determine the damage you have suffered and make a prognosis for your recovery. If he believes you were not treated properly he will contact a Medical Malpractice Lawyer who he is associated with an attorney.

Wikinews interviews Frank Moore, independent candidate for US President

Wikinews interviews Frank Moore, independent candidate for US President

Saturday, March 1, 2008

While nearly all coverage of the 2008 Presidential election has focused on the Democratic and Republican candidates, the race for the White House also includes independents and third party candidates. These parties represent a variety of views that may not be acknowledged by the major party platforms.

Wikinews has impartially reached out to these candidates, throughout the campaign. We now interview independent Presidential candidate Frank Moore, a performance artist.

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Atlas V successfully launches spy satellite

Atlas V successfully launches spy satellite
January 26, 2020 - Posted by Gvmawv3B - 0 Comments

Thursday, March 13, 2008

An Atlas V rocket has successfully launched a classified spy satellite for the United States National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). The satellite, currently known to the public as NRO L-28, or Launch 28, is believed by amateur enthusiasts to be a signals intelligence (SIGINT) spacecraft, known by the codename Trumpet. The Atlas V carrier rocket flew in the 411 configutation, with a 4 metre diameter fairing, one solid rocket motor, and a single-engine Centaur upper stage.

The rocket lifted off from Vandenberg Air Force Base, Space Launch Complex 3 East (SLC-3E), at 10:02 GMT (03:02 local time) this morning. Today’s flight marks the thirteenth launch of the Atlas V, and the first Atlas V launch from Vandenberg. It is also the tenth orbital launch of 2008. The satellite entered a Molniya orbit, usually used by the NRO for SIGINT and communications satellites.

The launch was conducted by United Launch Alliance, a joint venture between Lockheed Martin, who designed and built the Atlas V, and Boeing, to provide EELV launches for the US Government. ULA president Michael Gass described the launch as “a proud moment in our company’s history”. The launch had been delayed by two years, from early 2006, due to a number of factors.

In addition to its reconnaissance payload, the satellite is carrying two small experiments. SBIRS-HEO 2 and TWINS-B. SBIRS is a test article for a missile detection system, slated to launch late this year or early next, and TWINS is a NASA infrared astronomy experiment. They will remain attached to the satellite for the duration of its mission.

Following the separation of the payload fairing, around five minutes after launch, all information on the launch was withheld, however about an hour into the flight, the launch was confirmed to have been successful. ULA will conduct its next launch on Saturday, when a Delta II will orbit a GPS satellite. The next Atlas launch is scheduled for mid-April, with the ICO G1 communication satellite.

Atlas V successfully launches spy satellite
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White Bread – The Bodybuilder’s Enemy, Or Best Friend?

January 24, 2020 - Posted by Gvmawv3B - 0 Comments

White bread is perhaps the most usually consumed carbohydrate source in America today. Nearly any sandwich ordered from a drive-through marker board contains white bread, as do the side offerings at any fancy restaurant. Americans love their white bread, and consume lots of it without thinking twice. Iron pumpers, on the other hand, have a responsibility to examine common, everyday foods to ascertain if these carbohydrate sources have any place, or a limited place, in the bodybuilding menu.

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There are two schools of thought when it comes to white bread as a food for bodybuilding purposes. The first opinion is that white bread is superb for iron pumping goals. It digests quickly, which delivers fast calories to trainers seeking to gain mass. These fast-digesting carbs, eaten following a workout with a good protein source creates the specified hormonal environment- resulting in higher insulin levels and greater testosterone uptake in tissues. White bread is widely available, whether in the slice, or commoner, in the bun format from restaurants. Maybe a chicken breast on a bun is the quickest and easiest method to put protein and fast carbohydrates into the body following a workout? The carbs are there, the calories are there, the taste is there, the velocity is there, and the convenience is definitely present. The perfect carb?

The other school of thought is that white bread has no place in the muscle building diet. The fast-delivery of its calories ends in an insulin spike which does contribute to creating an anabolic environment, but creates a higher likelihood of adding fat too. The enriching process removes almost all of the valuable vitamins and minerals from bread. White bread also contains processed complicated starchy carbs, which aren’t employed by the body efficiently. One might as well consume a bag of flour. While the bread packing may claim good micronutrient content, but as much as half these are removed during improving and processing. Additionally, the absence of fiber means the bread’s journey thru the body will be a slow one at best.

The answer, as with many things in life, likely lies in the middle. If the coach has access to no other carbohydrate source, white bread gives a quick insulin spike and required calories. After all , bad calories are a lot better than no calories, when valuable muscle tissue is wasting. For trainers looking to gain mass, any source of carbohydrate calories can be good at time. However , optimal gains will be attained with liberal use of white bread, and more frequent use of quality carbohydrate sources, for example brown rice, oatmeal, oat bran, oat bran cereal ( IE Cheerios ), wholeweat pastas, baked chips, low fat popcorn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, whole grain bread, some fruits ( berries are best ), and veg. Iron pumpers looking to gain mass should consume white bread often, and bodybuilders watching body fat levels should eat white bread seldom.

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Guitar Party Favors And Eatables

January 23, 2020 - Posted by Gvmawv3B - 0 Comments

All your toys for party favors aside, children eagerly await all the yum that awaits them at your birthday parties for kids. When you throw a guitar themed birthday party for your son or daughter, your favor kit better include some of the tastiest eatables on offer. Only then will your guitar party favors cut ice with each and every one of your little guests. Here are some simple ideas that can turn your birthday party into a rocking event.

The first in the list of course has to be candies. These candies can be guitar shaped or a related one. For instance, guitars are often related to rock start, so other instruments such as drums and cymbals, along with the sticks also make a lot of sense. You can get candies that are molded into these shapes quite easily. You can even get them custom made just for this birthday party event and give it a really special twist.

For more information specifically about kids guitar click the link

The same goes for lollipops too. They are very desirable for children below 6 years of age. Like candies, they are available in virtually any shape you want them to be. Since this is a guitar birthday party, you want guitar shapes lollipops. Buy different flavors and colors to maintain a certain variety and excitement for children. If not he shapes, you can customize the wrapper the way you want by printing names or shapes on to them.

When it comes to chocolates, there is no age bar for loving them. Millions of people around the world gorge on chocolates, like there is no tomorrow. Custom guitar chocolates can be added to party favor boxes for everybody, bar none. Use the softness of chocolates to print your child’s name on it, so that it highlights the importance of the event. You can do more guitar designs inside large chocolates for greater effect.

Chocolates come in many varieties and each person, whether it is a kid or an adult, has his own choice. Some like dark chocolates, while others are more in favor of milk chocolates because of their mild taste. Buy both these flavors so that your guests can have what they like better and are not left without a choice.

Cookies can also put some life into your party favor box. Virtually everybody loves cookies, whether it is a 4 year old or 80 year old. Besides, if you are a cookie Mom, there is no better choice for yummy eatables for kids to take home. If you can find cookie trays with the guitar shape, then it is all good. Anyways, you can also buy custom molded cookies from a local store that you frequent.

Cupcake may be slightly tricky for you to add as party favors. You can do little about shaping them as guitars because they are mostly round. However, you can do something nice with the wrapper and emphasize the theme with guitar illustrations along with a rock star of your choice such as Bono or the likes. You can pick any star and it will look perfect. If you feel cupcakes are challenging, you can always place custom orders with your preferred bakery.

Of course, you don’t need to put half a dozen food items to party favor boxes. Some of them are part of your party food, while the smaller items such as candies and lollipops sit inside party favor boxes, hiding and waiting to be found by delighted kids.

Enhance your kids music talent with Guitar Themed Party Favors. Guitar giveaways and cool kids stuff will be enjoyed.

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Why You Should Buy Health Insurance

January 22, 2020 - Posted by Gvmawv3B - 0 Comments

For those who are self employed or have a job with no health benefits buying health insurance is a good idea. If you have health insurance you can cover yourself and your family. In case you don’t have it, you take a risk. You really need to get health insurance in case you suffer from chronic health conditions and you need regular health care. If you are one of those healthy people who don’t suffer from anything, you are lucky but yet you need to buy health insurance because it covers accidents and anything else that might happen to you. Imagine something happens and you have no health insurance, then you will have to pay huge bills for medical care.

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You can easily avoid all that by choosing one of the many reasonably priced plans available to people with different health needs.

If you hop online you will see how easy it is to buy health insurance. All it takes is to visit this website- and check the sampling of quotes from different health insurance carriers based on gender, age and smoking history. You can get quotes for individuals, couples, families and even small groups. After that you will get all the insurers’ offers displayed with estimated monthly premiums listed. You can also compare the benefits the reputable insurers offer. In case you consider yourself a healthy person, it is best for you to get the plans with the higher deductibles and co-pays which have a lower monthly premium. If you suffer from a chronic illness like asthma, then I would suggest you went for a plan with a lower deductible. This is what you should consider carefully before you decide to buy health insurance.

If you want to ensure yourself and your family then you’ve got only one option and this is to buy health insurance. If you are not exactly sure what to do and you are a bit confused, then why not do a little research first. Check the site of the Agency for Health Care policy and Research at and find the answers. When you’ve already chosen the best policy for you, then you should complete a health history questionnaire. You will have to pay a small application fee and provide the health information which is required. Once you do this you will have to wait so that your application is reviewed and then you can have your actual premium determined. Applying for and buying health insurance online is not a difficult process, so give it a try. If you have any questions, there is customer support staff available. Don’t hesitate any more, just do it, buy health insurance.

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U.S. Congress passes CAFTA with 2 vote House margin

U.S. Congress passes CAFTA with 2 vote House margin
January 21, 2020 - Posted by Gvmawv3B - 0 Comments

Thursday, July 28, 2005

The U.S. House of Representatives approved the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) early morning Thursday, with a narrow vote of 217 in favor, 215 against. Voting was held open for an hour, 45 minutes past the House’s 15-minute voting rule as the President along with other supporters lobbied into the night.

The vote was so close, if one House member changed a “Yea” vote to a “Nay” vote, CAFTA would have failed in a 216-216 tie.

In tallying the votes, 25 Republicans, mostly from Midwest Corn Belt and Rust Belt states and the Southeast United States’s textile industrial belt, broke party line to vote against the measure. Two Republicans were present, but refused to vote.

The Democrats presented a more united front. All but 15 Democrats present voted against the treaty. Independent House members, who usually vote with the Democrats also voted against the measure.

Supporters of the measure include President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, U.S. Trade Representative Rob Portman and Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez. Opponents included most House Democrats.

The trade agreement already passed the Senate in June. President Bush has said he will sign it into law.

DR-CAFTA encompasses the following components:

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Looking for the best house painters in Brookfield, WI

January 20, 2020 - Posted by Gvmawv3B - 0 Comments

If you have some painting job that needs to be done for your home or any of your properties, it must be carried out as seriously as possible. So it is in the best interests for you as well as your house that the painting job carried out in your house be of the highest standards. There are many details to pay attention to when you are planning to get the repainting of your property done, such as looking for the best contractors in the area to complete your work. Listed below are some of the pointers that you need to keep a check of when hiring painters in Brookfield, WI.

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When interviewing painters in Brookfield, WI, you will have to make sure that you are specific about the work that has to be done to facilitate them in providing an accurate quotation. You also have to ensure that the quotations received are for the same bits of work so that you can effectively compare the different quotations that you receive. This also enables you to choose the best prices being offered for the job that you want to be done. You need such quotations from at least three contractors.


Different painters in Brookfield, WI, are bound to have different methods of working and it is essential that you find this out before you agree to hire one. You can know this by inquiring about the steps that they will take during the preparation of the surface as well as the priming and the finishing coats.

Protection for other fixtures

Just because your are ready to spend some money on the painting job of the house, does not mean that you will need to shell out more for any damages that may occur to any of the fixtures in your house. Ask the painters if they have a plan that will protect the various fixtures in your house. If not, then also clarify whether they will be held responsible in case of any damages that may occur in the house.


Ask them to put forward a time-table which will list out the duration that the entire work will take. The schedule should contain a detailed plan of which part of the house will take how long and when will the overall job be completed. The schedule should also contain a plan in case the work gets delayed for any reason.

It is preferable that you keep this check list in mind when you are looking for painters in Brookfield, WI.

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Eradicating Ant Infestations

January 14, 2020 - Posted by Gvmawv3B - 0 Comments

An ant infestation in a home or on a property can be a real nuisance. Ants, while not always harmful, can be destructive to property. They can cause damage by building mounds or disturbing pavement. Ants offer protection and care for other pests such as aphids, which may allow these pests to cause greater damage. The most common types of ants in Australia include species such as the: green-headed ant, meat ant, green tree ant, sugar ant, and jumper ant. Regardless of the ant species of severity of infestation, pest control Brisbane can help.

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One of the most prevalent pests found in and around homes, ants can be an irritating nuisance. Ants can cause damage by building mounds or disturbing pavement; they also carry diseases and can spoil products. Some species can sting, bite, or cause severe allergic reactions. When ants are a problem, pest control may be the solution.

Ant Control Methods –

There are three basic strategies or methods that can be utilized to successfully treat ant problems. These three methods include: inspection, chemical treatments, and baiting. An inspection is the first step in controlling an ant problem because it is vital that the ant species be correctly identified. Each ant species has a propensity for certain foods and nesting conditions. A pest inspector can accurately determine which species is causing the problems thereby allowing for easier location of the ant’s nesting area.

Once the ant’s nesting area is located, chemical treatments or baiting can be used to eradicate the ant infestation. Both of these methods have advantages and disadvantages. Chemical treatments provide continuous protection because they can act as a barrier preventing future infestations. These liquid or dry powder treatments are safe for humans and pets. The effectiveness of this treatment will depend on the type of chemical used and the placement of the treatment.

Baiting works indirectly to annihilate the ant infestation. The bait used and the location of its placement will depend on the species of ant. Bait will be carried back to the nest, and the ants will feed on the bait. Over time, the ant colony will begin to die. However, bait will not eradicate the ant infestation immediately and may have to be replaced periodically.

What You Can Do –

Even though ants do play an important role in the natural food web, their presence in and around a property can be annoying and sometimes destructive. There are some preventative measures that property owners can take to proactively combat ant infestations. Reducing the food sources available for ants is important. Ensuring that rubbish is in properly sealed bags and cleaning up spills immediately are both crucial to preventing ant infestations. Another measure is maintaining the vegetation around the building. When vegetation is allowed to touch the building or its eaves or gutters, the potential for an ant infestation increases.

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