Norwegian military security agency accused of conducting illegal surveillance of PM

Norwegian military security agency accused of conducting illegal surveillance of PM

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yesterday, Norwegian news outlets reported that Defense Security Service (Forsvarets sikkerhetstjeneste [FOST]) had conducted illegal surveillance against the prime minister’s office and other government offices.

Kripos, a division of the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and the Police, did a police search of the Norwegian Ministry of Defence’s top-secret intelligence agency’s computer equipment in Jørstadmoen, after a request by the Ministry of Defense.

While remaining confident that the case will be investigated in a correct way, Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg stated to Aftenposten late Wednesday that “it’s important that the police now find out what actually has happened.”

Verdens Gang reported that to their knowledge, the surveillance happened in connection with FOST, having the responsibility for the computer security of key personnel within the prime minister’s office and other government offices. For practical reasons these people have been connected to the military secure lines. Sources with insight to the surveillance process explained to Aftenposten that when a possible breach of computer security is detected its protocol that the person be given a notice that he may be in process off or already have broken the security rules. A person, possible within the Prime minister’s office has most likely received such a note and has reacted to the fact that the computer traffic had been under surveillance.

Vice admiral Jan Eirik Finseth told Verdens Gang that the Defense security agency’s computer security section, reported that computer communication lines had been put under surveillance by military communications lines. Vice admiral Finseth stated to Verdens Gang that “the circumstances is of such a nature that the police [were] asked to investigate if anything of this may be illegal.”

When Wikinews contacted State attorney Petter Mandt, who leads the investigation, we received confirmation that a search in Jørstadmoen took place, but he would not comment on what was confiscated, if anything. Mandt also stated that they would not comment on any specifics or give any details on the investigation, but explained that for use of a police search there has to be more than 50% probable suspicion that something illegal may have happened. When asked if suspicion was that the prime minister’s office had been put under illegal surveillance, Mandt refused to comment and stated that he will comment on neither how many nor who the individuals involved are.

Defense political spokesperson for Socialistic left (Sv) Bjørn Jacobsen, told Wikinews that “it’s important to find out what, if anything has happened,” but that “it’s shocking that there even exist[s] a reason for a police search.” When asked what will happen if anything illegal is found to have taken place, Jacobsen responded by pointing out that in this case the prosecutors will have to decide on what to do next, but stated that “parliament will have to see if the law and regulations ha[ve] to be changed. It’s important to stop an eventual bad culture before it sticks to the walls.”

This is the second investigation of illegal government surveillance in Norway since the Lund commission’s report uncovered illegal surveillance of communist, socialist, and other persons, which the Norwegian Police Security Service deemed to be dangerous.

Wikinews was unable to get any comments from the Norwegian Military Defense when contacted.

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Get Dump Truck Parts To Repair Broken Trucks

byAlma Abell

There are many different ways to transport materials across a distance. Each method is better at carrying one material over another. It would be foolish to try to move sand inside of an eighteen wheeler truck. Sand and other loose materials are best suited to be moved by a dump truck. This is because a dump truck has two main advantages over regular trucks. It is an essentially deep bucket on wheels which keeps the materials from flying out the back, and it tilts, so the material is easy to remove from the truck. However, just like most trucks they occasionally break down.

YouTube Preview Image

When a dump truck breaks down, it means that someone somewhere is not going to be getting their materials on time. This is a big problem for a transport business because people will stop using their service if the trucks are not reliable. So these companies will always keep a few dump trucks in reserve in case of such a technical malfunction. This way the company will not lose any business because the reserve trucks can pick up the slack while the dump trucks are being repaired. Unfortunately, these massive vehicles are not something that the local auto garage can fix up. They require special Dump Truck Parts that are not easily available for regular mechanics. This means that the company will either have to find a specialist to repair the trucks or hire an in-house mechanic to repair the trucks at the companies parking lot.

People appreciate it when something that they have purchased arrives on time at their homes or place of business. Trucking companies try to make sure that all their trucks are ready to go when a customer’s order comes in. However, sometimes accidents happen and a truck breaks down. When this happens, it is important to fix them up as fast as possible. Dump trucks, however, do not use common car components so fixing them can be slightly harder. These companies will need to find Dump Truck Parts at a place like Truck Parts & Equipment Inc in order to start the repairs on the truck. Before too long the truck should be back on the road making deliveries.

Nickelodeon to cease broadcasting temporarily in US, to encourage play

Nickelodeon to cease broadcasting temporarily in US, to encourage play

Friday, September 15, 2006

Those trying to view the Nickelodeon channel on Saturday, September 30th need not be alarmed. The popular children’s channel will be airing a black screen, starting at 11 a.m, but the channel hasn’t ceased.

To promote the Worldwide Day of Play, the channel “goes dark from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. CT, to encourage kids to play outside. In its third year, the Viacom-owned channel attempts to stop childhood obesity through encouraging activity.

Nickelodeon has set up “Let’s Just Play“, a website that lists possible activities for parents and kids to participate in. Nickelodeon also awards one grant to an organization in each state.

The program, or lack thereof, is presented by The Alliance for a Healthier Generation, a partnership of The Clinton Foundation and the American Heart Association.

No other kids channel will participate in the Worldwide Day of Play.

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Jay Walsh named Wikimedia Foundation Head of Communications

Jay Walsh named Wikimedia Foundation Head of Communications
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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

This article mentions the Wikimedia Foundation, one of its projects, or people related to it. Wikinews is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Recently of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), where he worked in media and public relations, Mr. Jay Walsh was announced as the replacement for Sandy Ordonez as the communications officer for the Wikimedia Foundation on an internal mailing list on Tuesday, 8 January.

“I’m extremely grateful for [Sandy Ordonez’s] hard work and excellent judgement,” said Sue Gardner, Executive Director of Wikimedia Foundation, in her announcement. Ordonez managed the WMF’s public and media relations from January 2007, and will stay on in Florida until the end of the month when the Tampa office is closed.

“The goal is to give Jay a fairly long handover time. So until the end of January, please continue to work directly with Sandy, while she helps Jay get oriented,” added Gardner.

Walsh is fresh from a position as Manager, Public Relations at Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Previous communications positions include working for Indian and Northern Affairs, Government of Canada; Health Canada, Government of Canada; and Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University. His academics include Concordia and Mount Allison universities.

Walsh will be based out of the new offices in San Francisco, California when they open on the January 15.


Jay Walsh named Wikimedia Foundation Head of Communications
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Musharraf quits as chief of army staff in Pakistan

Musharraf quits as chief of army staff in Pakistan
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Thursday, November 29, 2007

President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan gave up his uniform in a ceremony yesterday in Rawalpindi. He handed power over to General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani at the headquarters of the Pakistani Army, after being the leader of the army for nine years.

In his final address as leader of the army, he said that the army was the saviour of Pakistan and that the army was his life. He also expressed his pride in being the leader of what he called a “great force.”

Musharraf had been under a lot of pressure to quit as army chief, since the country was put into the spotlight as a result of a state of emergency being declared. He is expected to be sworn in as the civilian president of Pakistan on Thursday.

Both the opposition leader, Benazir Bhutto, and the US secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, welcomed the change of duties. However, Bhutto indicated her party may not be prepared to accept Musharraf in his new non-military leadership role. Condoleezza Rice requested the state of emergency be lifted before the planned elections, which are due to take place in January.

Musharraf said General Kayani was “an excellent soldier” and that “the armed forces under his command will achieve great heights.”

General Kayani was named as the successor to Musharraf in October, before the state of emergency was declared in early November.

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Real Estate Lender Get Approved For A Mortgage Loan Online

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By Carrie Reeder

Real estate lenders now offer mortgage loan quotes and application online. You can be approved for a mortgage loan online in a matter of a few weeks. With online real estate lenders you can also be sure you are getting the best mortgage loan rate by requesting quotes.

Online Mortgage Loans

Real estate lenders accept online applications through their secure servers. Once your application is approved, final paperwork will be sent to your home so you can review the terms. You will need to sign the paperwork in front of a notary and then mail the forms back to the real estate lender. Your paperwork will be processed, and you will be on your way to buying a home.

Before You Apply

YouTube Preview Image

Before you apply for a mortgage loan online, take the time to compare financing rates and fees from several different real estate lenders. Rates can vary as much as 5%, costing you thousands over the course of your loan.

Real estate lenders offer basic quotes online by asking a few basic questions. Within minutes you can look at financing offers from several different lenders, allowing you to pick the best financing rates quickly. However, your actual mortgage rate will be based on more detailed information.

Picking A Real Estate Lender

After you have found a few potential real estate lenders, take the time to fill out the more detailed application for a formal mortgage quote from each lender. Mortgage rates are based on several factors, including your employment history and the property’s location.

When you receive your financing offers, compare both the rates and fees. Only after you have added the total interest you will pay and the fees will you know the true cost of the mortgage loan.

Getting Approved

Getting approved for a mortgage loan simply requires you to submit your application. If you have already requested a detailed quote, then with most real estate lenders your application is practically finished.

Your mortgage loan application will be reviewed, and then final paperwork will be mailed out to you. Once you send your paperwork back to be processed by your lender, you will be on your way to buying your home.

About the Author: Carrie Reeder is the owner of

, an informational website about various types of loans. To view our list of recommended mortgage lenders online. Visit this page:


Permanent Link:

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Sesame Street to promote healthy lifestyles

Sesame Street to promote healthy lifestyles
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Monday, April 11, 2005

PBS has recently decided it was time their Cookie Monster was sent on a diet. Sesame Street‘s cookie-loving Muppet icon developed a sudden interest in vegetables, as part of PBS’s drive to instill a healthy lifestyle in children.

The blue furry monster’s makeover comes as part of a larger plan, introducing additional characters as well. Intended new cast members include talking eggplants and carrots, among others.

According to the Sesame Street Muppet Bios, “This season, Cookie Monster learns a lot about health and nutrition. Hoots the Owl explains in a song that ‘A Cookie is a Sometimes Food,’ and he joins Wyclef Jean in a rap song, ‘Healthy Food’.”

Every other day, health will be the focus of the shows. In addition, every other day there will be segments dealing with health/nutrition. There will be a “Health Moment” at the top of every show featuring special guests, celebrities and Sesame Street characters.

The producers of the show insist that they are not asking small children to go on a diet.

“We would never use the word ‘diet’ with pre-schoolers,” a spokeswoman told The New Zealand Herald.

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At least 26 killed in another Brazil prison riot

At least 26 killed in another Brazil prison riot
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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

In the latest of a series of prison riots in prisons across Brazil, dozens of inmates, mostly rival gangs, were reported dead at the State Penitentiary of Alcaçuz, a state prison located in Natal, the capital of the Brazilian state, Rio Grande do Norte. Reports vary but, as of Sunday, the death toll may have reached 26. According to the BBC, this figure is triple the initial reports.

Prison authorities said that some victims were decapitated. Prison coordinator Zemilton Silva witnessed this happen to three men, and forensic report that there have been more.

The Ministry of Justice and state-run news outlet Agência Brasil said the latest riot started at around 5:00 p.m., local time, on Saturday. It continued until the security forces quelled the riot on Sunday at around 7:15 a.m..

Agence France Presse (AFP) and Rio de Janeiro newspaper O Globo report that the gang members of the Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC) and Comando Vermelho were the latest riot’s participants. CNN reports that its participants were PCC and Sindicato do Crime do RN. The gangs had been housed in separate parts of the prison. Six of the ringleaders have been captured and sent to other facilities. Like other riots this year, overcrowding may have contributed to the latest riot. According to Brazil’s justice department, the Alcaçuz prison houses more than 1,000 inmates on a capacity of 620.

Reports about authorities killed or injured in the riots are not yet confirmed, says the BBC.

O Globo also reported that one inmate attempted to escape but was quickly recaptured. No other inmates have been reported missing, but nine injured inmates were sent to hospital.

O Globo says the cause of the riot was drug-related. PCC and Comando Vermelho cooperated on drug trade from mid-1990s to reportedly summer 2016. Their split led Comando Vermelho to team up with five other gang organizations “to counter the PCC’s growing might.”

The Alcaçuz prison riot is part of a series of Brazilian prison riots this year. At least 100 inmates died in this month’s previous two riots, one in Amazonas and another in Roraima. The Amazonas prison riot on January 1–2 resulted in at least 56 killed inmates, of whom many were beheaded and dismembered. The Roraima riot on January 6 resulted in at least 33 killed, of whom many were disembowelled.

In the wake of this year’s riots, the Brazilian President Michel Temer announced to Reuters yesterday a plan, under joint cooperation of state and federal governments, to build nearly thirty prisons by 2018, including “five maximum security prisons to house the most violent convicts,” and to create intelligence units in effort to counter the influence of powerful inmates. Temer announced more than one billion Brazilian reals (US$309 million) as the budget of the plan.

However, human rights activists and experts were skeptical about building more prisons. Camila Nunes, a sociologist of the Federal University of ABC, told the AFP “medium- and long-term policies to reduce the vulnerability of certain social groups [and] to prioritize prevention rather than repression” are needed.

Reuters reported Alexandre de Moraes, minister of the Justice Department, recently authorized the state of Rio Grande do Norte to spend 13 million Brazilian reals to upgrade and expand prison equipment. De Moraes promised to prevent more prison riots by increasing funds and prison security.

Meanwhile, Luiz Alberto Cartaxo, the prison chief for the southern Paraná state, said an explosion on Sunday broke a guarding wall of a Piraquara prison, prompting at least 21 inmates to escape. Cartaxo also reported that two other inmates were killed by police during their escape attempt.

A 2014 report by Brazil’s justice department analyzes the statistics of the nation’s prison population. The country has more than 622,000 inmates, mostly young black men, exceeding the capacity by at least 50 percent. Brazil is placed fourth in the world’s largest prison population, surpassed by the respective numbers of those in the United States, in China, and in Russia.

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How To Find The Best Custom Promotional Giveaways

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byAlma Abell

Custom promotional giveaways are the best way to promote your business. They reach a significantly larger number of people than print or radio advertising alone, and help make your current and potential consumers feel appreciated. After all, everyone loves free stuff! There are almost as many companies offering promotional items as ideas for items themselves, and it can be difficult to figure out which company is the best one. Here are some things to keep in mind when searching online for custom promotional giveaways.

Carefully Examine The Website

Before even beginning to look for custom promotional giveaway items, take the time to carefully review the website in detail. Check to see if there is a physical address listed, and if so, where the company is located. You can also call the Better Business Bureau in that state to see if there have been any major complaints registered against them. Give any phone numbers listed a call and listen for a professional sounding answering service or receptionist. Any reputable company will either have an answering service or a live receptionist, so be cautious if the phone seems to ring forever, or if the call is answered with a simple “hello”.

After this has been determined, review the site to be sure they do have the items you need. Carefully read the item descriptions, and don’t buy based off of the picture alone. A reputable company will describe relevant details such as product composition, and the materials the product uses. When opting for higher priced items, be picky about quality. There is no point in spending a lot of money for something that is cheaply produced or poorly constructed.

Is The Return Policy Acceptable?

If the company is relatively new, carefully review their return policy. Most companies will have this policy clearly posted on their website, but if it’s not don’t hesitate to call and ask. If the products are not up to the standards promised on the site, be sure that you won’t be out your hard earned money. While many companies no longer offer cash refunds, there should be some provision in place for items of an unacceptable quality or items received that are not as pictured.

Do They Accept Major Credit Cards Securely?

Be especially wary of any websites that do not accept major forms of payment, such as major credit cards or PayPal. Less than reputable sites may demand e-transfers or other uncommon forms of payment. Also be sure that when you enter your credit card information, it is encrypted and secure. A surefire way to be certain your information is protected is to call and ask what kind of security the company uses. Another way is to check for “https” at the top of the web address.

For more information about finding custom promotional giveaways, contact DK Specialties at

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FOX News previews Grafton Street restaurant and “voice collector” in Harvard Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts

FOX News previews Grafton Street restaurant and “voice collector” in Harvard Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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Sunday, May 1, 2005

The FOX Morning News broadcast from Harvard Square this morning in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Anchors Liz Carrigan and Gene Lavanchy profiled a restaurant and a musician who will take part in the 22nd annual Mayfair, which starts on Sunday, May 1. The restaurant, Grafton Street, is on Massachusetts Avenue.

The Mayfair is a festival that takes place in Harvard Square on an annual basis. On Sunday, the Square will be closed from noon until 6 pm to vehicular traffic; according to the Mayfair website, “200 artists and merchants” will participate in the event this year.

The musician, Halsey Burgund, works for a computer security firm, but plays the drums and piano in his spare time. This morning, he had set up his portable recording booth to demonstrate the means by which he records passersby for voice samples in his music. Burgund will have his booth set up on Sunday and hopes to record festival visitors. Eventually, Burgund hopes to release his music under a Creative Commons license. Burgund noted that he previously tried recording people on the street with just a microphone, but he found that there was too much ambient noise for the quality of recording he desired.

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