Wheelchairs (Powered And Manual) Market Growth Opportunity And Industry Forecast To 2027

Global Wheelchairs (Powered and Manual) Market has been examined extensively by Player, Region, Type, Application, and Sales Channel to assist clients with essential market data to frame strategic business judgments and recommend strategic growth plans. The Global Wheelchairs (Powered and Manual) Market Research Report offers an in-depth analysis of the development policies and regulatory framework, along with an evaluation of manufacturing processes and cost structures.

The report titled “Global Wheelchairs (Powered and Manual) Market Analysis and Forecast 2019-2026” gives a holistic investigation of the global industry, leading regions, top companies, and products, including representation of the information through tables, graphs, and charts.

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In market segmentation by manufacturers, the report covers the following companies-

Invacare CorpN.V. VermeirenSunrise MedicalOttobockPride MobilityPermobil CorpHubangHoveround CorpDrive MedicalMedlineNissin MedicalGF Health

The Global Wheelchairs (Powered and Manual) Market size was calculated to be XXX Million USD in 2018, based on the assessment of data collected from the years 2016 and 2017, and is estimated to reach the value of XXX Million USD in the year 2026, delivering a CAGR of XX% through the following years. The report starts with a comprehensive overview of the value chain, a description of the current market scenario, market estimation, and forecast for the Wheelchairs (Powered and Manual) market based on products, regions, and applications. This report includes an elaborate competitive landscape that highlights the leading vendors, descriptive company profiles, cost analysis, and the leading regional markets in the sector with promising growth prospects.

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The insights encompass the value, volume, market share, and growth rate recorded by the top manufacturers and investigate the competitive landscapes to gain a better understanding of the global landscape. The report is intended to help readers develop a practical and intelligent approach to market dynamics to capitalize on the existing market opportunities.

In market segmentation by types of Wheelchairs (Powered and Manual), the report covers-

Powered WheelchairsManual Wheelchairs

In market segmentation by applications of the Wheelchairs (Powered and Manual), the report covers the following uses-

Home UseHospitalOther

The report includes accurately drawn facts and figures, along with graphical representations of vital market data. The research report sheds light on the emerging market segments and significant factors influencing the growth of the industry to help investors capitalize on the existing growth opportunities.

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Region Coverage (Regional Production, Demand & Forecast by Countries, etc.):

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Latin America
  • Middle East & Africa

Product research:

An extensive study of the product application and services conducted by subject matter experts assessing the Wheelchairs (Powered and Manual) market will help product owners to make a wise decision. From analysing which products companies should produce, expand to how brands should position their product the study covers all that business owners require meeting the buyers’ requirement. Performance of the product and services across different segments and geography are thoroughly assessed during the research. Apart from this, the research brings to light real-time data about opportunities that will completely transform the trajectory of the business environment in the coming years.

Key highlights of the report:

  • Key drivers, restraints, and growth trends
  • Market size, growth rate, and opportunities
  • Market share and position of the leading players
  • PEST Analysis of five major regions
  • Detailed SWOT analysis of top 10 companies
  • Latest developments and new product launches
  • Significant challenges faced by market players

Reasons to buy the report –

  • Producing an effective position strategy
  • Expert views on your evaluation
  • Know possible barriers to entry
  • Informed and strategic decision making
  • Understand how first movers work
  • Plan to action on upcoming opportunities

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Two jockeys killed in fire in North Yorkshire, England

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Two jockeys have been killed in a fire in a block of flats on Saturday.

At 0200 BST on Saturday a fire broke out in a three-storey block of apartments in Buckrose Court near Malton, North Yorkshire, England. The two jockeys have been identified as Jamie Kyne, who was only 18, and Jan Wilson, who was just 19. Both were described as promising young jockeys.

Two other men had also been taken to a hospital in York due to the effects of minor burns and smoke inhalation. One of the men has now been released from the hospital and the other man’s injuries are not thought to be life-threatening.

A police investigation is currently taking place in the area and a man in his 30s living in the area has since been arrested on suspicion of arson with intent. North Yorkshire Police are going to interview the man and try and establish whether he was involved or not.

Kyne was due to ride at Haydock on Saturday afternoon, while Wilson was due to ride at Thirsk on the same day, while riding her mother’s horse, Imperial Sword — and so both were staying in the apartment as a means of accommodation, as Jamie came from Ireland and Jan was from Forfar, Scotland. “The family are devastated and Jamie was a star,” Kyne’s aunt said. “They [his parents] are so proud of him. At the moment they are just devastated and shocked.”

David Barron, Wilson’s trainer, paid tribute to her as “a tremendous jockey”. He said: “She was just at the start of her career and was only in her first year of riding as an apprentice. She joined me at the end of last year and had ridden three winners for me out of only a handful of rides. She was very good, very capable and had tremendous potential. Everyone in the yard is just devastated.”

Retrieved from “https://en.wikinews.org/w/index.php?title=Two_jockeys_killed_in_fire_in_North_Yorkshire,_England&oldid=4510267”

UK’s Liverpool FC unveils plans for new stadium

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Liverpool FC revealed the plans for its new Stanley Park Stadium today. The stadium is to be built over the next three years in Stanley Park, to replace Liverpool’s long time home at Anfield. The plans as submitted would provide for a capacity of 60,000, with a possible increase towards 80,000.

The design by HKS is situated approximately 8 meters below the surface to lessen its impact. The cost of construction is said to be £300 million.

Retrieved from “https://en.wikinews.org/w/index.php?title=UK%27s_Liverpool_FC_unveils_plans_for_new_stadium&oldid=850215”
School Academy

Epitome Of Education And Encouraging Success Is Galgotia University

Epitome of Education and Encouraging Success is Galgotia University



Education is essential for carrying out the execution of various dreams and to get this fulfilled getting admission to a proper course that is provided by a reputed institute is the best criteria. The main dilemma for a students is to make the choice amongst so many options. The individual is actually spoilt for choice and thus sometimes makes a hasty decision.

Galgotia University in Greater Noida is amongst some of the most reputed institutions present across the nation. Catering to the demands of the students and providing excellent service in the field of education, the university has been shaping futures all along. The university has experienced and trained professionals that impart the best of education to the students and ensure that the they get the best of exposure to stand up to the demand of the industry.

YouTube Preview Image

Galgotia University provides various courses and has experts catering to the various issues and demands of the students. Be it undergraduate programs, post-graduate ones, doctoral programs or integrated programs, the professionals present have a thorough know how on the methodologies and the latest practices being used.

There are several courses under the under-graduate program. Be it B.Tech in various Engineering courses, catering to the Business school, adhering the school of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Fashion and Textile industry, Nursing, Hospitality, etc. the University provides it all. Similarly for the post-graduate programs there is ample scope for the students to specialize in their field of interest. The faculty present provides the best education policies and technology that help the students get a hang over the subject and thus get their problems solved.

Galgotia University in Greater Noida provides excellent facilities and exposure to the students that help them create a niche for themselves in the industry. Preparing industry-ready professionals that have the zeal to take up challenges later on in life, the university has various exposure up its sleeve. There are student exchange programs that help the students get the knowledge about the various methodologies and functionalities being imparted at the various institutes. It also gives the students a chance to mingle with some of the best brains present in the college.

Job opportunities galore are present in Galgotia university in their Greater Noida campus. The university provides excellent placements in line with the top most companies. The companies throng the campus to absorb the best brains so that they can be a apart of their organization. To experience the best of education and to get the training to your skills you should get in contact with the professionals.

Honing your skills, providing you the best of exposure and abundant facilities, the university has all that takes it to be the finest amongst the others in the education scenario. Improving your observational, managerial and communication skills, the university takes it in its stride to nurture careers and make them a reality in the distant future.

For more detail of

Galgotia University Greater Noida

, Search Galgotiya University or visit:- galgotiasuniversity.edu.inSource by:-


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German mosque used by September 11 militants closed

Monday, August 9, 2010

German authorities have closed a mosque in Hamburg that 9/11 plotters used for meetings, because authorities fear that it is being used again by Islamic extremists. The Taiba mosque, formerly known as the al-Quds mosque, was raided, closed and the association that runs it was also banned. Police officers confiscated computers and other material.

“We have closed the mosque because it was a recruiting and meeting point for Islamic radicals who wanted to participate in so-called jihad or holy war,” Frank Reschreiter, a spokesman for Hamburg’s state interior ministry, said. The spokesman also said that this was the first time the mosque had been shuttered and that for “quite a long time” it had been closely examined and watched by intelligence officers.

A May report by the Interior Ministry also said that the mosque “remains the central attraction for the Jihadist scene”, and a 2009 Hamburg intellegence report stated that many people involved with the Taiba mosque had been getting training by radical Islamic groups, including a group of 11 people who traveled to military training camps at Uzbekistan in March of last year. Their militant group had been formed at the mosque, and the report stated that “a very important factor for the radicalization of the group members was certainly their joint visits to the mosque.”

Retrieved from “https://en.wikinews.org/w/index.php?title=German_mosque_used_by_September_11_militants_closed&oldid=4032237”

Peter Andren, Australian MP dies aged 61

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Australian federal member of Calare, Peter Andren died on Saturday after a short battle with pancreatic cancer. He was aged 61.

Mr Andren who had held the seat since being elected in 1996 had previously announced his intention to run for the senate after his electorate was changed for the 2007 federal election. After Mr Andren was diagnosed with cancer in July, he announced that he would be retiring from politics at the election.

Mr Andren’s 1996 campaign platform was based upon retaining services in regional Australia, particularly banking, health and telecommunications. Over the next 11 years, Mr Andren’s primary vote grew and at the 2001 and 2004 elections was elected without preferences, achieving a majority primary vote.

In 2001, Mr Andren disagreed with his electorate on refugees. The electorate supported the government’s tough stance but Mr Andren could not support the government’s border protection measures. Following this, a vicious letter-box campaign rose up saying “you might like Peter Andren … but you won’t like what he’s got to say about keeping our borders safe”.

Fellow NSW independent member, Tony Windsor said Mr Andren’s stance on asylum seekers was just one sign of his compassion and strong belief in human rights.

Mr Windsor described Mr Andren as the “conscience” of parliament. “Peter Andren was a true representative of the people of the Calare electorate, a man of the highest integrity and the conscience of the Parliament,” he said.

“He was subjected to vitriol from time to time within the Parliament over issues, but if he believed in something he stuck to it. He didn’t compromise and I think that’s a lasting legacy that Peter will leave.”

Prime Minister John Howard said despite having a difference of opinion with Mr Andren on many issues, he had a lot of respect for him.

“I respected his skills as a local member,” he said.

“Mr Andren and I frequently disagreed on major issues and he made no bones about that and I made no bones about it either but that didn’t stop me respecting him and acknowledging the tremendous work he did for his electorate.”

Labor leader Kevin Rudd described Mr Andren as a true independent.

“Peter Andren will be a great loss to the Australian parliament,” he said.

“He was a man of principle, a man of commitment, a man who was an absolute independent.”

Leader of the Greens, Bob Brown said Mr Andren was an example of how a politician should be.

“He was an exemplar of representative politics for his electorate and the people of Calare kept returning him with a bigger and bigger majority,” he said.

“[If] anybody ever asks me how a politician should be, I am going to say, ‘Look at the record of Peter Andren'”

“He was a great Australian representative and he is a great loss to this country.”

During his political career, Mr Andren fought the sale of Telstra, introduced a bill to allow MPs to opt-out of their generous superannuation schemes, opposed the Iraq war and campaigned on environmental issues.

Mr Andren was born at Gulargambone, near Dubbo in Western NSW in 1946. Before he entered politics Mr Andren worked as a teacher before moving into journalism. Mr Andren worked as a news producer in Sydney for the Seven and Nine networks, before moving back to regional NSW where he worked as the news editor for both Radio 2GZ and Prime Television.

Mr Andren is survived by his partner and two sons.

Retrieved from “https://en.wikinews.org/w/index.php?title=Peter_Andren,_Australian_MP_dies_aged_61&oldid=4501771”

British white paper on public health

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

ENGLAND — UK Health Secretary John Reid has proposed widespread legislative and health care changes in a new white paper on public health released Tuesday. Titled “Choosing Health”, the paper details government plans to restrict smoking in public places, limit ‘junk food‘ advertisements to children, make available “lifestyle trainers”, campaign against sexually transmitted diseases and tobacco, and improve food labelling.

The white paper comes after extensive public comment that involved 150,000 people.

Smoking would be restricted in enclosed public spaces, restaurants, workplaces, and some pubs. The ban would be enacted gradually, affecting government and NHS buildings in 2006, enclosed public places in 2007, and private property in 2008. Permanent exemption would be granted to pubs that do not serve prepared food — though not at the bar — as well as private clubs, a decision that has provoked some to call the measure incomplete. Up to 90% of pubs are expected to be affected. The Scottish executive proposed a complete ban on smoking in enclosed public places last week, and Ireland has already banned smoking in pubs and restaurants.

Food advertisements targeted to children would be banned until 9pm, under the White Paper’s proposals. The restriction is a measure to tackle rising rates of childhood obesity. The government also intends to develop voluntary standards on food and drink advertisements to children with industry, only threatening legislation if an acceptable standard is not reached by 2007. Additionally, low income families would receive vouchers for fresh fruit, vegetables, milk, and infant formula. School lunches would also be held to stricter nutritional standards. Reid has warned that unless childhood obesity is tackled, “we face the prospect of children having shorter life expectancy than their parents”.

Food labelling would also be improved, with a “traffic light” system implemented. Packaged food would be evaluated based on its fat, sugar, and salt content.

The paper is unusual for suggesting a more holistic approach to health care, offering for the first time “lifestyle trainers.” The National Health Service would be funding with an additional £1bn to make people’s overall lives healthier, which is expected to save £30bn in preventable illness.

The paper additionally makes mention of reducing accidents, which affected 2.7m people last year and is a leading cause of child death, curb binge drinking, and reduce substance abuse among youths.

The paper has been criticized by many parties. The Tory Shadow Health Secretary has criticized the Labour government’s comprehensiveness and creation of a “new nanny state approach”. He has additionally described it as “gimmicks”. The Liberal Democrats have accused the government of not being comprehensive enough. It has also been criticized by the British Medical Association as being implemented too slowly, saying “When lives need saving, doctors act immediately”.

Mr. Reid has argued against the nanny state label, saying “In a free society, men and women ultimately have the right within the law to choose their own lifestyle, even when it may damage their own health. But people do not have the right to damage the health of others, or to impose an intolerable degree of inconvenience or nuisance on others … This is a sensible solution which balances the protection of the majority with the personal freedom of the minority in England”.

The full white paper “Choosing Health” can be read here.

Retrieved from “https://en.wikinews.org/w/index.php?title=British_white_paper_on_public_health&oldid=4627124”

Virginia Mediation Divorce Settlement Lawyers Attorneys

Virginia Mediation Divorce Settlement Lawyers Attorneys


Atchuthan Sriskandarajah



December 10, 2002, Decided

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Factual Background:

Plaintiff wife filed a bill of complaint against defendant husband, seeking a divorce. The parties engaged in a mediation session and reached an agreement resolving the issues of spousal support and the division of marital property and debts. Both parties signed the handwritten agreement the next day. The wife wanted more money from the sale of the marital residence. The agreement that the parties signed had a provision that stated, “Agreement to be memorialized by formal written agreement.” The wife argued that, as there was no formal written agreement, the handwritten document was not a binding agreement. The Circuit Court of Roanoke County (Virginia) entered judgment, finding that the parties were bound by the agreement


Whether the agreement is unenforceable because it called for the execution of a

formal written document

, which was not produced?


The wife expressed an intention to settle the case through the agreement she reached with husband on February 27, 2001. She contemplated the agreement and did not sign it until the following day, she acknowledged in her deposition that an agreement had been reached, and she represented to the court that the case was settled and the trial date was cancelled. “If, as here, the parties are fully agreed upon the terms of the settlement and intend to be bound thereby, ‘the mere fact that a later formal writing is contemplated will not vitiate the agreement.'”). The trial court did not err by determining the parties reached a binding agreement and that the formal written document was unnecessary.

Accordingly, the court summarily affirmed the decision of the trial court

Disclaimer:These summaries are provided by the SRIS Law Group. They represent the firm s unofficial views of the Justices opinions. The original opinions should be consulted for their authoritative content

Atchuthan Sriskandarajah is a Virginia lawyer and owner of the SRIS Law Group. The SRIS Law Group has offices in


, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina & California. The firm handles criminal/traffic defense, family law, immigration & bankruptcy cases.

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Immigration Detainees on Hunger Strike in Oxford UK

Thursday, June 15, 2006

One hundred and twenty detainees at an immigration removal centre in Oxford, UK, are on hunger strike. The protest started when some detainees refused breakfast on Wednesday 14th June 2006. A letter from the hunger strikers explaining why they are seeking to draw attention to their plight in this way has been reproduced in full below.

Those detained at the centre are mostly men who have sought asylum in the UK and whose asylum applications have been rejected. These people are then held without knowing how long they will be detained for – some end up being held for many years while awaiting deportation.

The removal centre, known as Campsfield, or Campsfield House is approximately 5 miles north of Oxford and has been in operation since 1993. It was managed on behalf of the UK Government by Global Solutions Limited, until may 2006 when it was taken on by GEO UK, the centre has a capacity of 198. Only males are detained at Campsfield.

According to the campaign group Barbed Wire Britain Over 2,600 individuals, mostly asylum seekers, are detained indefinitely in the UK without trial and with no automatic right to bail.

There have been reports in the UK press of the state taking people to detention centres without notice, in the early hours of the morning using excessively heavy handed tactics, taking children out of schools and separating families.

Many UK people and politicians express their disgust at the way detainees are treated, yet it continues. Perhaps this action by the detainees themselves will further highlight their plight and result in more UK electors writing to their MPs and demanding improvements to the way in which rejected asylum seekers are treated.

“We are detainees at Campsfield removal centre in Oxford. Most of us have been here for a long while now. There are people who have been detained for up to two years and down to three months. We are cramped in here like animals. We are treated like animals and moved around different detention centres like animals. The immigration service have taken husbands from their families and taken people who ran away from persecution in their various countries, and dumped everyone in here.

Once you are put in here the immigration service forget you. There are detainees who have applied to go back to their own countries that are still being held here for months without any news about their cases, just so that the private security companies get more money.

Detainees are asked to seek asylum and then refused. The immigration service also ask detainees to apply for bail. When you get a bail hearing date all of a sudden they serve you with removal papers that are not valid. There are many of these situations. In most cases the immigration service don’t take you to your court hearings. And then they tell the judges you refused to turn up, just so the hearing goes ahead in your absence. Many detainees have been served with removal papers and travel documents but nothing happens on the removal day.

Campsfield has become a slave house. We detainees are treated like slaves, to do odd jobs for officers. Detainees are handcuffed to see doctors or dentists in hospitals or clinic appointments. We have some racist security officers who make racist comments to detainees and go out of their way to make you feel like committing suicide. Detainees have to be at the point of death before they get to see the doctors.

The food is not worth eating. Even dogs would refuse to eat what we eat. But we don’t have a choice; every single day we eat the same food (the food we eat is rice, chicken, sandwiches, and left-over eggs)”.

Retrieved from “https://en.wikinews.org/w/index.php?title=Immigration_Detainees_on_Hunger_Strike_in_Oxford_UK&oldid=3763375”

On the campaign trail in the USA, July 2016

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The following is the third edition of a monthly series chronicling the U.S. 2016 presidential election. It features original material compiled throughout the previous month after an overview of the month’s biggest stories.

In this month’s edition on the campaign trail: two individuals previously interviewed by Wikinews announce their candidacies for the Reform Party presidential nomination; a former Republican Congressman comments on the Republican National Convention; and Wikinews interviews an historic Democratic National Convention speaker.

Retrieved from “https://en.wikinews.org/w/index.php?title=On_the_campaign_trail_in_the_USA,_July_2016&oldid=4641439”