It’s All In The Bag How A Fleur De Lis Handbag Can Give A Mom Back Her Sense Of Style

By Julia White

If you are a new mom, it can be easy to fall into the boring world of basic mommy attire. Slowly, but surely, you trade your high heels for tennis shoes, skinny jeans for sweat pants, and silk blouses for spit-up friendly t-shirts. The new ‘mommy uniform’ is dull, yet necessary. But, you don’t have to sacrifice your sense of style in order to accommodate it. The addition of one simple accessory, like a Fleur de Lis handbag, is a fast and easy way to add your own personal touch to your look .

It happens to all moms. A few months into motherhood, as you pack the baby bag with diapers, bottles, and toys for another adventure to the grocery store, you realize there is nothing in your ensemble that represents your sense of style. You know a major wardrobe change is out of the question. (Let’s face it, the gray yoga pants you are wearing are comfortable and go with just about anything, even strained carrots and green peas.) You need an easy way to update your look and you need it fast. Why not make a quick run to your closet, find your favorite Fleur de Lis handbag, and fill it with all of your baby supplies?

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All of a sudden, you will become more than the image projected by your clothes. Yes, you are still a mom with a baby in tow, but you are also stylish. I bet your Fleur de Lis handbag will make such a difference in your attitude that you will make sure to add something special to your ‘mommy uniform’ every day after.

The lesson is important for all women. It is important that all women take the time to look and feel special. Television, magazines, and billboards, bombard us with thousands of images of fashion and beauty every day. They pressure us to keep up with the latest trends and make us feel inadequate if we don’t. If you add the stress of work and children to the equation, it seems almost impossible to find the time to keep up with these demands. The good news is that it is easy to feel stylish and beautiful again with the addition of just one or two accessories such as a Fleur de Lis handbag and a necklace.

Add the ‘you’ to your uniform. One meaningful piece of jewelry or a handbag, can add your personal touch to any daily wardrobe. No matter what job or lifestyle you have, you have a uniform. Uniforms come in the form of insignia work shirts, scrubs or even boring corporate business suits. If you wear clothing that is similar to your coworkers, it is a uniform. Why no set yourself apart from the others in the workplace with a pair of emblem earrings, a chunky bangle, or your favorite Fleur de Lis handbag.

In this fast-paced world we live in, it is easy to lose yourself whether you spend your days in the boardroom or living room. You deserve to feel good about yourself. Why not take the time to add one special element to your daily ‘uniform’? I bet you will notice a positive change.

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NASA’s InSight lander and MarCO craft launch in new mission to Mars

NASA’s InSight lander and MarCO craft launch in new mission to Mars

Monday, May 7, 2018

On Saturday, United Launch Alliance launched a Atlas V 401 rocket carrying NASA’s InSight Mars lander and two Mars Cube One (MarCO) miniature spacecraft known as cubesats. The pre-dawn launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base Space Launch Complex 3E in Lompoc, California was declared a success. This was the very first deep space launch from the west coast of the United States, and aimed to send a lander to the surface of the planet Mars to study its interior.

Launched alongside InSight were two MarCO cubesats, the first to be sent beyond Earth, nicknamed ‘WALL-E’ and ‘Eve’ after the protagonists of the 2008 animated science fiction film WALL-E. They were designed as a dual telecommunications relay for InSight during the spacecraft’s descent through the Martian atmosphere.

Traditionally, NASA launched interplanetary spacecraft at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on the United States’ east coast. There, rockets were sent eastward over the Atlantic Ocean, borrowing the Earth’s rotational velocity to shoot their payloads out into the solar system. Due to congestion on the launch calendar at Canaveral, NASA chose to launch the spacecraft from from Vandenberg Air Force Base on the country’s west coast instead. A launch eastward from Vandenberg would have been dangerous due to densely populated areas being located downrange. Instead, rockets launched from Vandenberg were sent in a south-southeast trajectory. For Insight and MarCO, the spacecraft was placed in a temporary polar orbit after the launch, with the pair being shot towards Mars during a escape burn performed over the North Pole.

Despite a heavy fog settling in at the rocket’s launch pad in Lompoc, the United Launch Alliance declared a “100% chance of favorable weather for liftoff”. Spectators in Lompoc were treated to a mostly obscured view of the launch, though they were witness nonetheless to the sound and shock waves of the Atlas V’s Common Core first stage as it lifted the spacecraft off the ground on-schedule at 4:05 PDT (1105 UTC). People along the coast of southern California and northern Baja California, however, were in clear view of the Atlas V’s main engine burn and the first burn of the rocket’s Centaur upper stage. People in Orange County, California were treated to the sight of InSight and the Centaur almost eclipsing the planet Jupiter in the night sky.

The recently-inaugurated Administrator of NASA, Jim Bridenstine, congratulated the InSight team in an address televised live on NASA TV after the launch, along with the United Launch Alliance on what was their 128th successful launch in a row. The InSight mission part of NASA’s Discovery program, a class of low-cost solar system exploration missions. It was selected to launch in the program after beating the Comet Hopper and Titan Mare Explorer proposals amongst responses to a 2010 request.

Both InSight and the MarCO cubesats are en route to Mars. InSight carries eight scientific instruments, including a seismometer known as Seismic Experiment for Interior Structure (SEIS). The SEIS instrument will be recording the very first seismic measurements of Mars, which scientists hope will shed light on the structure of Mars beneath its surface. The lander was equipped with two cameras, based on the architecture of the Mars Exploration Rover’s navigation camera and hazard avoidance camera, to allow mission scientists to monitor the activity of the instruments. NASA scheduled a November 26 landing for InSight on a broad plain in the planet’s northern hemisphere, known as Elysium Planitia.

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San Francisco mother of 12-year-old boy who was mauled to death charged with child endangerment

San Francisco mother of 12-year-old boy who was mauled to death charged with child endangerment

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Maureen Faibish of 711 Lincoln Way San Francisco, CA was arrested on June 24, 2005 on the charge of child endangerment in the actions leading up to the death of her son, 12-year-old Nicholas Faibish, who was mauled by one or both of her two pit bull dogs, Rex 2 and Ella.

Nicholas was discovered dead in the front bedroom of her home at approximately 15:15 PDT on June 3, 2005, by his mother, who had left the house to run some errands. She had locked her son in the basement to keep him away from the dogs. “I put him down there, with a shovel on the door.”, Faibish said in a telephone interview to the San Francisco Chronicle. “He had a bunch of food. And I told him, ‘Stay down there until I come back.’ Typical Nicky, he wouldn’t listen to me.”

Faibish stated that she believes that her son had walked in when Rex 2, a male pit bull, was attempting to mate with Ella, a female pit bull who was in heat at the time. She stated that Rex 2 had been acting possessively prior to the incident. A police officer shot and killed Ella in order to gain entry to the apartment. Rex 2 was captured and removed to an animal shelter. “The police killed the wrong dog if you ask me.”, Faibish said.

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The Yamaha Dgx 630 On Sale

The Yamaha DGX-630 On Sale


Joseph Merkle

The new Yamaha DGX-630 should be high on your list if you are going to purchase a digital keyboard. You can find more professional ready keyboards made by Korg and Nord, but the DGX-630 model offers a surprising eighty eight key weighted graded hammer action, lending itself to the touch of a grand piano. The DGX-630 also has 64 notes of polyphony which lets you to play back 16 diverse elements, and has over 500 featured voices.

For folks like me that don’t have the room for a piano due to lack of space, the Yamaha DGX-630 will provide you the feel of a grand piano, but is only five feet long and 22″ wide and weighs only 80 lbs. It comes with an appealing wood grain cabinet and stand set for the customary height. But one of the really great features for those piano players {out there is the optional 3 pedal upgrade. Trust me, it s worth every penny. If the only time you get a chance to play is when the kids are in bed then just use the supplied headphones. You’ll swear you are sitting behind a Steinway.

Have you frequently imagined how cool it would be if the tune you were playing displayed as sheet music? The DGX-630 can display the notes to a song no matter if it comes over the Internet, the internal selections or those that you record on your own. The pages scroll automatically when playing back the songs. Now for you singers out there, the display window lets you see the chords and lyrics to XF compatible songs. A new twist has been added for those just beginning to play. The Yamaha Education Suite allows you to hear a song while you go along with the notes being displayed. The DGX-630 has 30 built-in songs plus seventy additional ones on the CD-ROM that Yamaha includes so you can teach yourself to play using the Yamaha Education Suite. The songs are split into left and right hand drills, providing 7 levels of lessons plus a convenient chord dictionary.

YouTube Preview Image

The DXG-630 has a USB to host and a USB to device port located in the rear of the unit. In my lowly estimation, it would have made more sense to place them in the front of the unit for easier access. The USB to host is for recording and playing MIDI files, and downloading data to and from your computer. You can use the USB to device for storage drives such as a thumb drive or USB flash drive. The Yamaha Education Suite will explain to you how to use these ports for the best results.

The 6 track sequencer lets you record one or several instrument song parts at a time and then assigns each part to a different track. This is similar to having your own built-in multi-track recorder. The DGX-630 gives you an expanded range of twenty nine superior reverb effects. This includes twenty four chorus effects, and twenty six harmony effects, as well as 182 DSP types for guitar distortion to rotary speaker tones.

I could share a ton more techno information regarding this keyboard, but I would like to share some personal observations instead. We have newly moved into a smaller and our choices came down to taking the dining room furniture or the piano. I asked a friend of mine who is has been a professional musician for 40 years now for some suggestions on replacing the piano with a keyboard.

He started by throwing out Korg, Nord, and Kurzweil at me. Seeing as how I won’t be going on tour anytime soon or cutting my next CD I got him to lower his expectations, just a little. So I told him I was thinking about a keyboard that had the touch of an acoustic piano that was reasonably priced. I asked him about Casio because my daughter has a Casio keyboard that was a riot to dabble on. That s when he recommended the Yamaha DGX-630. When I asked him why he singled out the 630 he said he was not surprised that Yamaha once more provided a superior product for the price.

Based on his professional opinion (much better than mine or anyone else’s you may find), I visited a music store close by that had one I could play. After spending just 15 minutes on this keyboard I was sold. It was just a matter of finding the best price after that. I dickered with the boss at the music store, and searched a few online music sites I had already purchased from before. Let me tell you the two well known music stores were way out of line. I did locate two online stores that have very competitive prices. Don’t procrastinate when it comes to purchasing this fine instrument. You will tumble head over heels instantly. Here’s to a lot of happy years with the Yamaha DGX-630.

When your

Yamaha DGX-630

arrives you will be shocked that a grand piano can come in such a small box. You will be more amazed that a keyboard can deliver the tone of a grand piano. For the best price


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Bronis?aw Geremek, former Polish Foreign Affairs Minister, dies at age 76

Bronis?aw Geremek, former Polish Foreign Affairs Minister, dies at age 76
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Sunday, July 13, 2008File:Bronislaw Geremek.jpg

Professor Bronis?aw Geremek, a former Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs, a member of European Parliament and chairman of the Freedom Union, has died today at the age of 76 in a car crash near Nowy Tomy?l, Poland. The accident occurred about 13:15 Polish time (12:15 UTC) along the way 92 near Lubie? in the Greater Poland Voivodeship.

According to the spokeswoman of the Greater Poland Voidodeships’s police, Hanna Wachowiak, Geremek died when the Mercedes he was driving collided head-on with a Fiat Ducato on the road from Warsaw to the German border. The reason of Geremek’s car crossing to the other side of the road and crashing into the oncoming car is still unknown. “The officers are investigating the reasons of the accident. They have interrogated first witnesses”, said Mariusz Soko?owski, the spokesman of the Main Command of Police in an interview with the Polish news channel TVN 24. Bronis?aw Geremek was the only casualty of the crash; the driver of the Fiat and his passenger as well as the passenger of Geremek’s Mercedes have been transported to hospitals in Pozna? and Nowy Tomy?l.

The daily Dziennik writes it was not the excessive speed which caused the crash. The newspaper’s Internet news service informs that both cars were driving with the speed of 90-100 km/h (56-62 mph). The daily reports it is assumed that Bronis?aw Germemek might have collapsed when driving; other assumptions include a defect of the car. “It lasted for a split of seconds. I don’t even know how it happened. I haven’t seen anything wrong happening to professor”, told Geremek’s passenger the police officers.

Bronis?aw Geremek was born on March 6, 1932 in Warsaw, Poland. Being a historian by training, he was an associate professor of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Polska Akademia Nauk, PAN), a member of the democratic opposition in the Polish People’s Republic, a member of Sejm from 1989 to 2001 and a chairman of the political party Freedom Union. He served as a Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland from October 31, 1997 to June 30, 2000. He was also a member of the European Parliament from July 20, 2004 onwards.

Bronis?aw Geremek is survived by two sons.

Bronis?aw Geremek, former Polish Foreign Affairs Minister, dies at age 76
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Apple unveils new MacBook Air laptops, iLife ’11 software suite

Apple unveils new MacBook Air laptops, iLife ’11 software suite
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

In a Wednesday media event, Apple Inc. released a new lineup of MacBook Air laptops and the 2011 version of the company’s iLife software suite. The “Back to the Mac” event also included a preview of Apple’s forthcoming Mac OS X Lion operating system, to be released in mid-2011.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the new products at the Cupertino, California event, saying the company has “been inspired by the work [it has] done on the iPad, and [it wants] to bring it back to the Mac.” Apple has plans to import more features of its iOS mobile operating system to the Mac OS X operating system.

Jobs announced today that the “Lion” release to OS X, which is scheduled for release next summer, will include more support for multitouch and a desktop version of the company’s App Store. He said that the App Store will be available for Apple’s current OS “Snow Leopard” within 90 days, and that applications can be submitted starting next month. Jobs also announced that a beta version of FaceTime, Apple’s IOS video calling application, would be available for OS X users immediately. Several new applications will be added in OS X Lion, dubbed “Mission Control” and “Launchpad.”

“Lion brings many of the best ideas from iPad back to the Mac, plus some fresh new ones like Mission Control that Mac users will really like. Lion has a ton of new features, and we hope the few we had time to preview today will give users a good idea of where we are headed.”

In his keynote address Wednesday, Jobs announced the release of Apple’s iLife ’11 software suite, which includes the iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand programs. iPhoto has new slide show templates, while iMovie has added audio editing capabilities. GarageBand now includes several new piano- and guitar-playing lessons. iLife ’11 was released on Wednesday as a US$49 upgrade, and is also available free with new Mac purchases.

In another move to bring iOS functionality to Macintosh computers, Jobs announced an updated MacBook Air series of laptops, on sale now. The new MacBook Air uses flash memory rather than a traditional hard drive, and has no CD/DVD drive, an approach seen on the iPad tablet computer. In addition, the laptop’s battery life has been extended, even though it is only 0.68 in (1.73 cm) thick and weighs less than 3 lbs (1.36 kg). “We think it’s the future of notebooks,” said Jobs. There are now two models of the MacBook Air: an 11.6-inch (29.46-cm) version and a 13.3-inch (33.78-cm) model. Analyst Shawn Wu says the company “priced it really aggressively,” referring to the computer’s base price of US$999.

Jobs said that his company sold 13.7 million Macs last year, totaling US$22 billion. In the last financial quarter, Mac sales increased 22 percent, comprising 24 percent of total revenue for Apple. However, the original MacBook Air did not fare so well. Sales and hype over the first Air decreased soon after its introduction, and the line was overshadowed by the release of Apple’s 13-inch (33.02-cm) MacBook Pro. The MacBook Air had not been significantly updated since 2008.

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WHO starts simultaneous immunization campaigns in over 100 countries

WHO starts simultaneous immunization campaigns in over 100 countries
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

The World Health Organization (WHO) yesterday began simultaneous immunization campaigns, in 112 countries and territories across its Americas, Eastern Mediterranean, and European regions. The unprecedented vaccination drive will last for a week.

This is the first time the World Health Organization has launched such an event across multiple regions at once. WHO officials say their goal is to expand immunization coverage and raise awareness of the importance of vaccines, and that such cross-border activities can prevent disease and save lives.

WHO spokesman Daniel Epstein says that many countries are working to eliminate measles, adding that says countries in the European region are very concerned that they have stalled in their goal of eliminating measles and rubella this year.

“In European countries, in many of them, immunization coverage is below the 95 percent recommended level. And, there have been ongoing measles outbreaks in some of these countries. Measles cases have also been imported to the US and Canada and the Americas from European countries,” said Epstein.

The agency says an important goal of the immunization campaigns is to reach those who have been excluded up to now. It notes that every year, in the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Region, 25 percent of deaths among children under age five are attributed to vaccine preventable diseases. 2.1 million children in the Middle East hadn’t received a shot against tetanus, whooping cough, or diphteria in 2009, according to the WHO.

In the Americas, WHO says special regional events are being held in border areas of Nicaragua, between Suriname and French Guiana, and between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. It says many young children, pregnant women, elderly and indigenous peoples live in isolated areas where vaccine coverage is low.

In all three regions, Epstein said the vaccination campaigns will be accompanied by health information campaigns.

“The biggest obstacle to reaching our goals of vaccination are lack of awareness, lack of information and people being ignorant that they should be vaccinated, and thus not having enough vaccinators, money, trucks, bicycles, etc. to get to these remote regions,” he said.

WHO also began a large polio immunization campaign across sixteen countries in central and West Africa on Saturday. It says 78 million children under five will be vaccinated to stop a major outbreak of the disease.

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Make Your Own Home Compost Bin

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By Marcie Snyder

Many people think that the only way to make compost is to use a commercial bin, but nothing could be further from the truth. People in the past have built their own compost bin with much success. So if you want to give it a try, here are five easy cost-effective ways to build them.

Style 1: Extremely Simple And Easy

A circle of chicken wire, or a bottomless barrel with air holes in its sides, although simple, works fine. When you cannot add any more materials in the circle, just lift the wire away from the pile, set it up again nearby, and put the newer layers back in, leaving behind the finished compost.

Anything can be used for a compost bin. For instance, when I first settled in Oshawa, Ontario, I marvelled at the way my neighbor, an older Ukrainian lady, would create her compost. In the fall when she was cleaning up her garden for the winter, she would simply pile up all garden debris against a wire fence that had been set up between her land and the public park on the west side of her property. This section of her garden along the wire fence would be her “compost bin” during the winter months.

In the early spring as soon as the ground had thawed, she would spread this half- decomposed material all over her garden and have it plowed under. Then she would add mushroom compost bought from a mushroom grower. When it was time for seeding, everything had pretty well thoroughly decomposed. This lady had the nicest vegetables in the neighborhood.

(Please Note: If you decide to buy mushroom compost from a grower, first find out what the farmer uses to make his mushrooms grow. Things have changed a lot since the 1980’s. Today’s compost may be full of chemicals. So beware!)

Style 2: Pens

One of the simplest structures for a compost bin is a circle of snow fencing or wire mesh supported by posts or stakes. When it is time to aerate the pile, you unwrap and remove the fencing, set it up in a new location nearby, and fork the compost back into the pen.

YouTube Preview Image

It’s true that this requires a little more space and some lifting effort, and it leaves the compost in full view. However, it is inexpensive, strong enough, and very easy to construct.

Style 3: Homemade Bin

Now let’s take a look at the third type of compost container for hot composting– the home-made bin. These are sturdier and more discreet than pens. They may require a little more skill to build but are still inexpensive.

The four sides can be made of almost anything: wire screen stretched on wooden frames or old pallets standing on end. Three walls are normally fixed permanently together but may be hinged, hooked or tied.

For example, you can build your compost bin with concrete walls and a movable front panel. Three of the four walls can be made of concrete blocks, stacked without mortar, and a fourth wall of removable boards.

Another idea is to stack up square bales of straw to create the three immovable walls of the bin. For a fourth wall you can always use a simple screen tacked onto a frame the size needed.

To turn the pile, you remove the front of the bin and fork the material out onto the ground. Then the pile is rebuilt in the bin.

The disadvantage is that extra ground space in front of the bin is needed for aerating the pile; however, its biggest advantage is that the compost does not need to be lifted over any wall when you need it or you wish to aerate the pile.

Another idea is to set a bin over a pit so that your compost pile gets the extra insulation. Although this encourages the presence of helpful earthworms, it does mean reaching down below ground level to turn the compost.

Style 4: Composting drum

You can also make your own rotating barrel composter. Simply take a large drum and punch aeration holes in it. If you wish, fins can be added inside the drum to lift and mix the compost materials. To finish it off, add a hinged loading door in the side so that you can add your waste.

One way to make your material inside the drum decompose faster is to roll the barrel on the ground to mix the contents. However, if you have welding skills, you can mount the barrel on a stand and add a crank attachment. Then all you need do is turn that crank every day or second day.

If bacteria is introduced with a good amount of garden soil and the barrel is turned every few days, compost can be made in a few weeks this way with little physical effort.

Style 5: A New Zealand Box

A New Zealand box is a bottomless wooden box with ventilation spaces between the wall boards, and an easily removable face to make it easier to remove the compost or to turn it. Since the compost rests directly on the ground, a lid is normally added to prevent nutrients leaking from the pile during heavy rains.

There are still some people who prefer the wooden type to the plastic ones you can buy at a store or sometimes from the municipality. For example, I know a lady who had three of them scattered around her yard. People love them because they make nice compost, are easy to make, and are light so easy to move.

A New Zealand box, or something similar, can be made at home by people with minimum skill. It can be moved to a new location fairly easily if required, and it keeps the compost neatly out of sight.

Variation of the New Zealand Box

A popular variation has two or three compartments in a row. The compost is turned from one box into another, and the empty box is then used to accumulate the material for a new batch of compost.

It is ideal for people who use kitchen and yard wastes as they accumulate, so they can’t save up enough materials to make a really big pile.

As you can see, compost bin ideas are limited only by your imagination. So why not give it a try?

About the Author: Bio: A gardener for years, Marcie has learned the value of having organic compost to feed her plants. So needless to say, she has used compost bins for years. For more composting tips or to download her newest ebook on composting, visit


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Apple, Inc. confirms acquisition of Shazam

Apple, Inc. confirms acquisition of Shazam
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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

On Monday, US-based tech company Apple, Inc. confirmed acquisition of UK-based song identification application Shazam. According to reports, the deal is worth US$400 million.

“We are thrilled that Shazam and its talented team will be joining Apple […] and we can’t imagine a better home for Shazam to enable us to continue innovating and delivering magic for our users.”, Shazam spokesperson Giovanni Bossio said. Shazam has over one hundred million users.

Founded in West London in 1999 by Avery Wang, Chris Barton, Dhiraj Mukharjee, and Philip Inghelbrecht, Shazam creates a “digital fingerprint of the audio” and recognises a song, and provides other information including artist’s name, album, lyrics, release year and record label company. It also provides links to music streaming services including Apple Music, Google Play Music and Spotify. Shazam generates revenue from advertisements and commission from streaming services.

Shazam is integrated with Apple’s voice assistant Siri. Apple spokesperson Tom Neumayr said, “Apple Music and Shazam are a natural fit, sharing a passion for music discovery and delivering great music experiences to our users. We have exciting plans in store, and we look forward to combining with Shazam upon approval of today’s agreement.” Apple Music has about 27 million subscribers, while its competitor Spotify has about 60 million.

California-based company Apple, Inc. acquired Dr. Dre’s Beats Electronics three years ago for US$3 billion.

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Category:Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse affair

Category:Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse affair
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Wikipedia has more about this subject:

Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse

Welcome to the Wikinews Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse affair section. For more information about writing and editing see the Newsroom. Refresh for latest articles.

Pages in category “Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse affair”

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