French satirical weekly reprints caricatures

French satirical weekly reprints caricatures

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Paris, France- The French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo reprinted in its Wednesday February 8, 2006, issue the cartoons originally printed in Jyllands-Posten, representing caricatures of the Muslim prophet Muhammad. Charlie Hebdo is known for its ferocious critical tone and general hostility towards organized religion.

Charlie Hebdo normally prints 140,000 copies; 160,000 were printed of these issues, but were sold out before midday. The paper announced an exceptional re-issue of 160,000 the next day. According to Le Figaro, the final printout could exceed 400,000.

Some French Muslim associations had tried to obtain an injunction against the publishing of the paper, claiming that the cartoons incited to racial and religious hatred, but the court rejected their request on procedural grounds, as recommended by the public prosecutor. The judge, Jean-Claude Magendie, remarked that the 1881 law on the Press is very formal in order to protect the rights of defense with respect to freedom of speech.

The French government had law enforcement officers, many equipped for riot control, guard the outside of the parisian offices of the paper, should some protesters try to disrupt public order. However, at mid-day, no protesters could be seen. Charlie Hebdo is normally highly critical of police action and extraordinary security measures.

Another French satirical weekly, Le Canard enchaîné did not publish the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons because they were, according to it, “not very fun and not very original”, but published series of cartoons mocking Islamists (those exploiting the Muslim faith for political purposes). The Canard called them “Satanic drawings”, in a probable allusion to The Satanic Verses, a novel whose author was sentenced to death by Islamists.

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How Custom Funeral Preparations Honor Lives

byAlma Abell

Professionals who work in the funeral industry often choose the field in order to help families honor those they have lost. Businesses like Evergreen Washelli now combine modern technology and creativity to develop arrangements as unique as their clients. Funeral Preparations can include pre-planning, receptions, video tributes, memorial jewelry, and more.

Pre-Planning Leads to Personalized Funerals

YouTube Preview Image

It is becoming common for people of all ages to pre-plan and pre-fund their own funerals, to spare their families expense and confusion. However, they also choose this option in order to make precise Funeral Preparations. Clients may want unique coffins and some order custom styles. Funeral directors have buried bodies in containers shaped liked guitars, pianos, cars, and more. Their customers may also want to arrange unique burials, such as green interments. During these funerals, unembalmed bodies are wrapped in shrouds and buried in natural surroundings. Many companies help clients pre-plan online, at sites like

Funeral Directors Offer Unique Memorials

It is very common for grieving survivors to feel lost after a death, so funeral professionals step in and help them design memorials. They listen to clients’ wants and needs, consider their budgets, and make suggestions. They will arrange services in almost any location, including parks, gardens, and other meaningful places. Specialists can broadcast services so that those at a distance can see them. They offer DVD tributes, memorial websites, and cremation jewelry. They can arrange wakes, receptions, and Celebrations of Life. These events can pay tribute to the deceased by featuring their favorite music, foods, and more.

Professionals Offer Special Tributes

When funeral directors speak with clients, they determine whether the deceased was a soldier, police officer, fireman or belonged to a civic organization. They ensure that Veterans’ flags are present at military services. Professionals arrange for appropriate honor guards to stand watch. Staff members also ensure that all honors are on display and that military families are given the option to arrange burials in National cemeteries.

The funeral business is not just about arranging services. Professionals who work in the field are sensitive to loss and strive to create meaningful tributes. These experts are also careful to honor soldiers, firemen, police officers, and others who serve.

Bomb blast damages buildings in Athens

Bomb blast damages buildings in Athens

Friday, March 20, 2009

Two buildings have been damaged in a bombing in Athens, Greece on Thursday. The target was a building owned by an agency that manages state real estate.

Nobody was injured in the blast, but the building’s entrance was damaged. A nearby store and a parked car also sustained damage. The homemade device, which consisted of explosives placed inside a plastic bag and tied to a pole close to the target, damaged the Hellenic Public Real Estate Corporation building.

The area was cordoned off by police after the explosion, which occurred at 9:30 p.m. local time yesterday. Bomb disposal experts checked the area following the explosion, while anti-terrorism officers began their investigation. The building is about 250 yards from the Athens police headquarters, and is also close to the Supreme Court.

No claim of responsibility has yet been made, but the Greek conservative government has been attempting to control left-wing terrorism in recent months. One group, the Revolutionary Struggle, was responsible for a failed car bombing against an Athens Citibank office on February 28, and also bombed a Citibank branch in the city on March 9. Greece has been receiving advice from police in London after the increase in terrorist activity and rioting last year throughout the nation.

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Toyota to pay US government $16.4 million over recalls

Toyota to pay US government $16.4 million over recalls
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Monday, April 19, 2010

Toyota has agreed to pay a record $16.4 million fine to the US government over allegations that the automaker concealed defects in its vehicles.

Toyota has accepted responsibility for violating its legal obligations to report any defects promptly

US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood made the announcement Monday, saying in an e-mailed statement that “Toyota has accepted responsibility for violating its legal obligations to report any defects promptly.” Toyota has still not admitted any wrongdoing, and said that it disagreed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which levied the fine against Toyota. In a statement, Toyota said it “denies N.H.T.S.A.’s allegation that it violated the Safety Act or its implementing regulations. We believe we made a good faith effort to investigate this condition and develop an appropriate counter-measure.”

Toyota is still at risk of lawsuits from those affected by cars that crashed due to a safety defect in the accelerator pedal. Numerous such lawsuits have been filed, and analysts said that the total cost of the lawsuits could be upwards of two billion dollars in 2010, and possibly as much as ten billion in total. While the government fine is largely symbolic, as the amount was limited by US law, it could provide support for lawyers who are filing legal charges against Toyota. If the cap on the fine was not in place, Toyota would have been fined a total of $13.8 billion; each of the 2.3 million defective vehicles sold would have had a $6,000 fine.

Additionally, the NHTSA is reportedly considering a second fine, also of $16.4 million, based on evidence that there were two separate defects in the affected vehicles, and the company is facing an investigation from both the Justice Department and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Toyota to pay US government $16.4 million over recalls
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West Midlands Law Firm Takes A Healthy Approach With Screening From The Healthy Hearts Institute

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By John Mehtam

Employment Law Solicitors, Martin Kaye are the first company in Telford to use the Healthy Hearts Campaign’s new mobile health screening facility in a bid to assist employees in monitoring their health. Diabetes and cardio-vascular risks can now be identified with a 30 minute pop-in pop-out check at work.

A West Midlands law firm is the first company in Telford to take part in a health screening campaign for its staff.

The screening will include cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar analysis, as well as a general physical examination, a lung function test, and heart checks.

‘The Healthy Hearts Institute is based at Sandwell Medical Research Unit at West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust, and has already been piloted across the West Midlands.

Healthy Hearts Campaign Co-ordinator, Geraldine Thomas, said: ‘Our mobile screening facility travels between industrial estates, business parks, and office blocks, and is run by a team of health professionals.

YouTube Preview Image

‘Hundreds of staff have benefited from the state-of-the-art check-ups, and now the screening programme is being extended to Shropshire.

Martin-Kaye Solicitors, who are based in Telford, have signed up to the Healthy Hearts Campaign, in a bid to help employees find out more about the state of their health.

The mobile screening unit will visit the company’s offices on November 15, and every employee who attends the session will receive a 30-minute consultation to assess their condition, with the results explained in private afterwards.

Senior Partner, Graham Davies, said: ‘We are extremely pleased that our staff are backing the Healthy Hearts initiative, and that they’re keen to take up this opportunity – in fact over 70 per cent of our employees have signed up to take part.

‘At the heart of every company is its workforce and we want to help our employees to identify any potential risks so they can seek the right kind of treatment, which should help prevent problems in the future.’

Healthy Hearts, Geraldine Thomas, said: ‘We are delighted to see such a high level of interest from a wide range of companies, who are all taking the view that health screening in the workplace benefits not only the employee, but the company too.’

Healthy Hearts is a charitable social enterprise initiative which encourages access to health screening, particularly with regard to cardio-vascular health risks and diabetes. Although operating for some three years, Healthy Heart was established as a charitable institute in 2006 to improve access to health in local communities, and forms part of the Sandwell Primary Prevention Alliance.

Martin Kaye Solicitors in Telford, Shropshire West Midlands are a forward thinking law firm that continually strive to push the bench mark forward by setting a good example of employment standards in the modern day work place. They are one of the West Midlands fastest growing legal practices operating from state of the art premises. The firm is structured around a number of specialist commercial and private client departments. More information can be found at

About the Author: John Mehtam is a specialist Employment Lawyer. John runs numerous presentations on this specialist subject and offers

Employment Law Training

from the HELP – ‘HR and Employment Law in Practice’ scheme.


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OECD releases report on New Zealand’s environmental performance

OECD releases report on New Zealand’s environmental performance
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Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has released a report on the environmental performance of the New Zealand Government. Although the Government applauds the findings as vindicating its path to sustainability the report makes a wide range of recommendations in order to improve environmental performance. It calls for better protection of water, a clarification and strengthening of climate change policy, an upgrade of waste management and improvement environmental reporting.

The previous report was released in 1996 and a number of improvements have been noted. Thse include minimising harmful substances in agriculture and fisheries, improving drinking water, balancing social and environmental concerns and expanding protected areas.

It is part of a second cycle of peer reviewed reports on the OECD member countries.

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News briefs:January 4, 2007 2

News briefs:January 4, 2007 2
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The time is 22:00 (UTC) on January 4, 2007, and this is Audio Wikinews News Briefs.


  • 1 Headlines
    • 1.1 Australian Police net $540 million in “liquid ecstacy”
    • 1.2 Record number of bicycles sold in Australia in 2006
    • 1.3 Saddam’s co-defendants to be executed Thursday
    • 1.4 Britain makes final World War II debt payments
  • 2 Closing statements


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Judge allows student to sue school for revealing sexuality

Judge allows student to sue school for revealing sexuality
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Saturday, December 3, 2005

A U.S. federal judge ruled on Nov. 28 that 17-year old Charlene Nguon can sue her high school principal who revealed to her mother that she is lesbian.

The lawsuit, brought in September by a high school senior in California, claims she was unfairly disciplined by the school for kissing her girlfriend. She also alleges that her sexuality caused the school to suspend her when there was no specific policy addressing displays of public affection in the student handbook, and that her privacy rights were violated when the school principal revealed to her parents that she was lesbian.

The school district sought to have the charges dismissed by arguing in part that Nguon was openly gay on campus, and therefore had no right to privacy on the matter.

Judge James V. Selna of the Central District Court of California found that the school district was immune from the plaintiff’s claims in a 13-page finding issued on Monday. However, the individual administrators, the school principal and superintendent, did not qualify for immunity. In his findings he noted that the administrators did not take “action to stop or remedy the alleged harassment and discrimination”, and did not enact an “adequate formal or informal policy to ensure that Santiago High is providing a learning environment free from discrimination”, which is a requirement of the California Education Code.

In allowing the lawsuit to move forward, Judge Selna found that Nguon had “sufficiently alleged a legally protected privacy interest in information about her sexual orientation.”

Nguon is seeking unspecified damages and is being represented by the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California.

“This is the first court ruling we’re aware of where a judge has recognized that a student has a right not to have her sexual orientation disclosed to her parents,” said Christine Sun, Nguon’s lawyer.

Nguon was found in the hallway openly kissing and hugging her girlfriend, actions permitted between heterosexual students at the Santiago High School in Garden Grove, California. The school principal, Ben Wolf, told Nguon’s mother about her daughter’s sexuality after the student failed to stop the displays of affection between her and her girlfriend. During this time, Nguon was suspended numerous times for ignoring the requests, and was ultimately forced to temporarily change schools.

No trial date is set. The parties are scheduled to return to court on Jan. 23.

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Wikinews attends a ‘Dialogue with Decision Makers’

Wikinews attends a ‘Dialogue with Decision Makers’
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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Two weeks ago, on February 1st, it was the second day of the national environmental Focus the Nation teach-in. One of these events, which took place at the same time at other educational institutions across the country, took place in the city of Lynn at the campus of North Shore Community College.

Wikinews accredited reporter Patrick Mannion was there in attendance along with Congressman John F. Tierney of Massachusetts’s 6th congressional district and Lynn’s State Senator Thomas McGee. One of Lynn’s two representatives, Robert Fennell, also attended; the other representative Steven Walsh sent an aide. The representatives for the nearby cities of Salem and Beverly, John Keenan and Mary Grant along with various local area mayors and city councilors also attended the event.

John F. Kerry, the senator for Massachusetts was supposed to attend but could not due to voting on the economic stimulus package in Washington D.C.. However, Senator Kerry did record a video statement DVD for the event in which he addressed the gathered crowd. North Shore’s president, Wayne M. Burton, hosted the event.

Senator McGee started things off by talking about the need to recreate the North Shore Technical High School to include a focus on environmental jobs and the need to improve the Essex Agricultural and Technical High School which is deteriorating, but is known for it’s agricultural teaching which would help to save the dwindling farming areas north of Boston.

McGee urged people that should get more involved with their local farming co-ops and that farmland needs to be recognized and redeveloped. He noted that obesity in young people is a problem and that schools are developing partnerships with local farms to provide more healthy meals and to show students whats going on at their local farm.

Representative Keenan commended the college for holding this dialogue and Al Gore along with his movie, An Inconvenient Truth. Keenan noted the need for Salem’s coal-fired power station for the need to switch to clean coal.

Walsh aide’s brought up the fact he is committed to ending paper waste at the Massachusetts State House.

Global warming does not recognize boundaries.

The city council president from Chelsea, Roseann Bongiovanni, who is also the associate executive director of the local community organization, the Chelsea Collaborative, asked the various reasons for the crowd in why they became concerned about global warming. The audience noted the melting of ice sheets, air quality, Hurricane Katrina and Al Gore.

Bongiovanni then noted that Chelsea and neighboring East Boston have no green space or waterfront due the industrialization of both areas, noting that 100% of the jet fuel for planes at Logan Airport, 70% to 80% of heating oil and that the trucks delivering the oil are spewing diesel. She also noted the large salt pile in Chelsea used for the deicing of highways in the Commonwealth and said that it is located there “illegally.”

She further noted the company, Energy Management Inc., behind the controversial Cape Wind project, proposed building a diesel power plant across the street from a Chelsea elementary school and that air quality in Chelsea is bad. She closed her dialogue by noting that “Global warming does not recognize boundaries.”

Mary Grant said she was interested in hearing ideas and noted the redeveloping of Beverly’s high school to include more solar panels and a new wind turbine and that the school would be powered by 50% of it.

One person asked the need to lower the level of bureaucracy in government as she was “running aroundcity government” in order to have a bee farm in her backyard.

Robert Fenell, the owner of Lynn’s Capitol Diner who is notable for keeping chickens at the establishment located in downtown Lynn just two blocks away from the college noted that people should start going organic and going back to nature, that people should switch to more energy efficient lighting and grow gardens in their backyard.

After Fennell spoke it was time for questions and answers, and questions were given by various audiences members including Mannion himself, who asked about the MBTA‘s Blue Line and rapid transit and others asking various questions such wither or not to include a green curriculum in state education or asking for the politicians to talk more on some of their positions.

After questions and answers finished, the video statement from John Kerry began to play. Kerry noted that there are still skeptics of global warming and climate change in Congress who “test the science” despite the efforts and research of Al Gore and the United Nations and noting that “the White House is the last place for change.”

He then went on to say that the world needed a new international treaty on climate change and noted that America is horrendous when it comes to energy efficiency. Kerry also noted that the Bush administration resisted the change and the points of the climate conference in Bail; “Luckily, time is almost up,” added Kerry.

Kerry went on to mention the need for massive new research on new energy and capturing carbon and noted he was working with Alaska’s senator, Ted Stevens on pushing for sequestering plants.

Kerry continued the theme of environmental conservation and change by topping off his statement by reminding the crowd of first Earth Day and how it lead to the creation of the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act and the Environmental Protection Agency and it noted it happened because of people’s actions.

Tierney finished off the speech by noting the need for high risk energy research in the style of DARPA so we can better compete against the “Chinas and Japans.” He also called for more green-collar jobs and noted his work on last year’s Green Jobs Act.

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PayPal receives banking licence

PayPal receives banking licence
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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The online payment service PayPal has received a banking licence in Luxembourg, promoting it to the status of a bank. As a consequence PayPal will move their headquarters to Luxembourg.

Since 2004 PayPal had the status of an Electronic Money Issuer supervised by the U.K. Financial Services Authority. Having an official bank status opens new prospects for the company: “This will allow us to actively scout retailers in different European countries. With our British licence, we could only do that in the U.K. itself, and in other countries we could only react to requests of the retailers themselves,” Christopher Coonen, General Manager of PayPal Southern Europe and Benelux, explained.

The change will not affect existing customers dramatically, says Coonen: “We are going to inform them of the new status, and they will have to accept our terms of service again.” He also said that for now, there were no plans to use the new licence to offer traditional banking services, but the possibility was being evaluated by PayPal. Working with local partners would be an option to accomplish this, according to Coonen.

The British newspaper The Daily Telegraph speculates that the move is part of a strategy to compete with Google’s payment service Google Checkout, which launched in the U.K. last month.

PayPal has 130 million users worldwide, and 35 million customers in Europe. Payments via its mother company eBay continue to make up 60% of PayPal’s revenues. More than half of Britain’s internet users have a PayPal account.

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