A Few Things About Speed Dating In The Burlington Area

byAlma Abell

No one thinks that speed dating is cool. Either you were dragged along by a friend or you tried it as a last resort, or so you told yourself. Curiosity brings you to these things and the advertisements and facilitators who try to make it sound enticing. So you try it and speed dating turns out the same every time; a wash of pick up lines and nervous recluses with one or two good conversations peppered in amongst them. You start to wonder if they’re worth wading through the rest. It’s the same in Burlington as it is in every other town. So, why bother with it at all?

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Find Exactly What You’re Looking ForThe problem with speed dating isn’t going on several dates in the period of one. It’s the hit or miss of each “date” that makes you want to run away after the third round. This is a problem that is easily solved by going to an event where everyone else is looking for similar things.* Look for speed dating events in your area with a theme. The theme draws in people who all have that in common. The outfits, food, and topics of discussion will all be there in the beginning. The theme is the icebreaker.* Professional organizations and colleges may have speed dating events that bring together like minded individuals. By going to an event that’s catered to specific professionals or college groups, you’re more likely to find several conversations that interest you in one single speed dating session.* Social media brings several groups of people together who all have similar interests. Take matters into your own hands and organize a speed dating session among a group that you like. Check local Burlington groups and create events and use social media tools to invite everyone.* Online dating often has the same stigma as speed dating but there are some that bring people together well. Suggest speed dating events to the site that you use and perhaps they will bring locals together with similar interests using the tools that they already have at hand.These are just a few ideas to find speed dating event for you. Check with your favorite bars and restaurants for events that may bring in the right people for you. In our busy lives, speed dating can be very convenient and it doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be fun and exciting and can even introduce you to your perfect match!

Take Out the Middle ManAlthough there are many ways to find the speed dating event that might bring you to the match you’ve been looking for, finding it isn’t always easy. The research that is required takes time and energy that you might not have, so let someone else do it for you. LunchDates.com can help you. The professionals at this service are dedicated to finding you the event that is perfect for you, one that really is worth your time and energy and you won’t have to spend it searching.

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