Combilift For Long Roads Can Give You Safe Haul Of Goods

Combilift for Long Roads can Give you Safe Haul of Goods



The world s first all-wheel and IC engine powered multidirectional lift that is also a modern drive forklift is named Combilift. It is a combined fork lift and a side loader which is highly maneuverable and is cost effective and safe long road handler. These lifts are very efficient and can work for very long roads without any hassles. They are available with option of running with LPG or electric power and can be used both internally and externally. The long haul of goods over a very long journey can be handled easily by this lift. They can carry the goods in a proper manner to provide stability to the goods without lifting them high. It has an integrated stable platform which gives the goods a stable and bottom heavy base for the goods.

These Combilift can be from the C-series of products that can be using LPG, Gas or diesel and electricity or battery powers on the other hand. The mast options and for this mast the height goes up to a level of 9.5m. Mostly the capacities of these lifts are up to 25,000kgs and the guided aisles are narrow than most of the other such carriers. You can provide certain attachments and use these lifts both indoors and out of doors. These lifts are good for long road handling market and are found in 50 or more markets all over the world.


The CB series of Combilift is another compact model and has operation in multidirectional and is good for any user who like to transfer goods in pallets over a long distance. The GT series is another model which is robust and highly reliable. This is a stand up side loader used within doors and outside and has got narrow aisles too. These lifts are used for products that need safe handling and are stable to be used for any type of goods. They have four way steering system and can be used to travel sideways on long roads. This also saves a lot of space, gives less damage to any product loaded onto it and is operator s friend and maintenance friendly too. This can be used to increase the productivity of the company that need to move goods over long distance.

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