Common Questions About Water Heater Repair In Weatherford, Tx

byAlma Abell

It’s frustrating to turn on your hot water, only to find out that you don’t have any. When you need Water heater repair in Weatherford, TX, you can call an experienced company that can quickly get your hot water running again. Below you’ll read some common questions that homeowners have about hot water heater repair.


Q.) My hot water heater is leaking, can it be repaired or will I have to buy a new one?A.) Just because your water heater is leaking, doesn’t mean that it’s ready for the dump. There are several reason why you may have a leaky heater and many of these issues can be fixed. Common problems include a leaky pressure or temperature valve, a leak in the drain valve or condensation.

Q.) Our hot water always runs out quickly and either my husband or I have to take a cold shower. Is there something we can do to have more hot water?A.) If you have an electric water heater, the bottom heating element may be faulty. If the top element is still working, then only the water in the top half section of the heater is warming up. If the element is out, it will need to be replaced. Before calling for Water heater repair in Weatherford, TX, you can try pressing the reset button to see if the heater just needs to be reset.

Q.) When I turn on my faucet, rusty water comes out. What causes this and is it serious?A.) Rust can sometimes form on the sides of the tank and cause it to rust. To keep this from happening, many manufacturers will place an anode rod in the tank to prevent it from rusting. If the anode rod quits working, then the tank will start to rust. The rust falls to the bottom of the tank and gets in your water. A technician that does Water heater repair in Weatherford, TX can drain, flush and clean your tank and then replace the anode rod.

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