Hard To Wash Clothes Like Old Wonder Women!

Hard to Wash Clothes like Old Wonder Women!


Alex Moore

The facilities provided to the current generation are addictive in nature; life will be incomplete without the technological wonders invented. Washing Machines are one of them and majority of the world s population uses top loaders or front loaders to purge the clothes of stubborn stains and cleanse the under garments, refresh the bedding and so on. Ever wondered where the origins of this invention lie?

The ancient mighty women used to wash their clothes by pounding them again and again on the rocks by using water and abrasive sands. Then gradually, the method remained the same while the sands were replaced by some form of soaps. Following this, the inventors never looked back and kept advancing on the technological road.

In 1797, the earliest one of the washing machines created was the scrub board. Then in 1851, James King, an American invented the first washing machine to use a drum; the drum made James creation the twin of the modern machine but the technology of electricity was not yet invented. Hurley Machine Company gave a new meaning to washing machines by making an electrically-powered Mighty Thor in 1910.


Maytag began to function in 1893 and the famous Whirlpool Corporation started in 1911. The need for washing machines was then gradually rising and then production of Europe’s first automatic washing machines commenced in 1951. Then, pioneering moment came when microchip-controlled automatic washing machines were produced. The aforesaid revolutionary inventions were done by Sculthess Group.

In the last two or three decades, washing machine technology has taken a colossal plunge! The up-to-the-minute focus is on motor efficiency and connectivity. This has exhaustively encompassed the washing machine businesses worldwide, giving rise to hot competition. Front-loading washing machines are the latest hit in the cloth hygiene market and their performance can surprise many. The leading watery businesses include LG and Electrolux. These are currently producing the topnotch front loaders to proffer services to every household.

The person who has to purchase a washing machine should first cruise the reviews to have a solid idea of what his or her needs are. Then, the next step would be to see the budget; front loaders are indeed high-priced but definitely worth the investment. The big banners should be considered and the mythical cheap stores should be ignored as it is about a mighty, utile home appliance. One should always go for the quality product and washing machine is one such product where one should not compromise at all.

The ease of such facilities is making us lethargic and instead of aging gracefully one might become older quickly. It is important to make convenient choices to minimize stress and maximize relaxation time. Relaxation time should include more physical activities. The wonder women of the past had activities none like the modern women. But the home-maker or woman of today can be robust and work efficiently by striking a balance in all tasks and taking out time for her family and friends also. Washing machines are partners of daily use and should be bought by keeping within means of money and anxiety!

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