How Could Household Items Affect Your Fertility?}

Submitted by: Dr Kelly Loi

Have you ever wondered that the products in your bathroom or perhaps the detergent you are using to wash clothes can affect your fertility? Well that seems astonishing but it is an accepted fact that your household products can make you infertile. From carpets to antibacterial soaps, all these affect your potency in a big way.

Are you trying to conceive from a long time and havent been successful yet? There can be many reason behind it, some of them can be related to home and the environment you live in. For example if you smoke, you will have problems in getting pregnant. Exposure to heavy metal is another example of such case. Moreover, there are also quite a lot of household items which make it harder for you to get pregnant. Some of them are listed below:

Antibacterial Soaps:

A few antibacterial soaps decrease your fertility. For this reason, you must avoid using soaps that consists triclosan because it is a dangerous ingredient that may hinder you from getting pregnant. It lays a negative impact on your reproductive system by unbalancing your hormonal level. Some experts also believe that the chemical is also a reason behind low sperm count which in a way would result in infertility. Thus to avoid getting hampered by the chemical, it would be wise to stay away from the soaps containing triclosan chemical in it. Apart from the soaps, you must avoid shampoo or laundry washer that consists of this type chemicals.


Non-Stick Pans:

Nonstick pans are used in every household. They are manufactured of a chemical called PFOA or Perfluorooctanoic acid which can make you infertile. If this chemical is present in your blood there are more chances that you can’t conceive and if you conceive somehow, your child’s developments delay, hence you must stop using Teflon pans and also other utensils of such category.

Canned Food and Beverages:

BPA, a carbon based synthetic compound often used in containers that store food and bevereiges which is other harmful chemical that can prevent you from getting pregnant or makes it complicated. The chemical is present in the lining of the aluminum cans. BPA is very harmful and can be associated with low fertility as it brings down the eggs count in the body and may cause the dreaded PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

Bed Mattresses, Cushions and Wall Paint:

It is quite astonishing but few chemicals used in bed mattresses, carpets and cushions that also make you infertile. These chemicals get absorbed in the body and can affect your fertility signoficantly. Hence, try purchasing organic bedding or organic fabrics to lower the risk of infertility.

At times, wall paints containing glycol can also affect fertility. It can hamper menstrual cycle in women and affect the sperm quality in men and can even cause miscarriage; hence you have to be careful.

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About the Author: Dr. Kelly Loi is an Obstetrician and Gynecologist at Health and Fertility Centre for Women in Singapore. She specializes in providing effective treatments to cure infertility. To know more,


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