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If you have been in a car accident, then things can get very stressful, very quickly. You might be injured, and your car is certainly damaged. It may not even be drivable.

A good body repair shop can help take away the stress by repairing your car quickly and with no hassle and no up-selling. After a collision, it is important to give your car a full checkup, as some damage may not be immediately visible and can lead to problems later, problems which may even cause another accident. They will also work with your insurance company to make sure that you do not have to worry about an unexpected bill.

Taking your wrecked car to a trusted, professional Lincoln Park repair shop can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. They can do a thorough inspection of your car to ensure anything that can be covered by your insurance is included in your estimate. Their professional mechanics and body repair technicians will spend the necessary time to write up your estimate in a thorough fashion, which will help speed up the insurance aspect.

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Many people take their cars to a specialized body repair shop, but it’s important to make sure there is no damage to the car’s mechanical parts such as drive shafts, etc. Additionally, you should get the wheel alignment checked and adjusted. A full service mechanic shop can cover everything for you.

Some insurance companies will try and force you to go to their choice of shop to repair your car – you should avoid this. In some states you have the legal right to choose a repair shop, and others may make the insurance company liable if they force you to accept substandard repairs. Ideally, go to a shop that offers OEM parts – although more expensive, they are guaranteed compatible with your car and generally of higher quality. If they install aftermarket parts this can void your warranty, and if your car is leased it can violate the terms of the lease.

Check the law in your state and, if possible, avoid an insurance contract that requires you to use their choice of repair shop. Before following their recommendation, do some research on the shop they want to send you to and remember that they are more concerned with reducing their costs than getting you good repairs.

Another reason to choose a good shop is that the repair shop may find other damage that was missed in the initial appraisal. They will make sure your insurance company knows and do their best to get you reimbursed for all of the damage done, not just what might have been visible after the crash. They may also find problems that are unrelated to the collision, of course.

The shop will give you a time estimate as well as a price estimate. Make sure you choose a shop with a good reputation of getting the repairs done on time, so that you can get back to doing the important things in your life.

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