Senseless Road Deaths And Lessons Learned From Traffic Video Security Cameras

Submitted by: Nahshon Roberts

Needless Road Deaths

Each year some 42,636 people die on the road. Most victims are done in by gigantic lorries and trucks as played back by traffic video security cameras. People have died from horrible wounds from the deadly impact of vehicular accidents or getting dragged and thrown meters away by a speeding car. If they survive, they are comatose, maimed or live with emotional and psychological scars time cannot heal.

From the footages, there are lessons to be learned. Improper use of seatbelts, speeding, overtaking other vehicles, and plain ignorance of traffic laws are the common causes of road deaths and vehicular accidents.

Evidences from video security cameras cannot nail the perpetrators. Errant drivers are let off with “driving without due care and attention” – when a life was lost here. This is outrageous indeed. Stories of only child deaths on the road are indications that stiffer traffic law should be carried out, or lorry and truck drivers should undergo training on careful driving to prevent needless deaths.

In the USA, accidents happen on roads where there is less danger, with traffic lights and video security cameras to keep a watchful eye or careless drivers. But accidents happen here more often than on a turnpike where drivers are more careful.

What’s to Be Done?

The video security cameras cannot stop road accidents but can provide proof of reckless driving and show the unfolding events leading to the accidents. The footages show lorries and trucks going through red lights without compunction, speeding, lorries swerving to beat traffic, and drivers taking to the wrong side of the road.


The video cameras have also caught hit and run drivers, but to no avail – the maniacs go free after brief jail terms while families have to live with the agony of losing loved ones for years.

As a parent, warn your children from biking in the fast lanes or drinking and driving. But the problem is, no matter how careful you child is, the maniacs on the road don’t toe the line. They drive through red lights and drive beyond speed limits uncaring of the accidents waiting to happen.

As a parent, know the following statistics:

* Motor vehicle crash deaths occur during late night driving, usually between 9 pm and 6 am.

* The chance of deadly collisions increase when a 16 year old is at the wheel and 41/2 times more if the driver is alone.

* 60 percent of teenagers do not use seatbelts properly as shown by statistics of fatal car crashes.

* Drinking and driving have killed 23 percent of young people with ages 15 to 20

The traffic video security cameras show how road deaths happen and teach people how to avoid road accidents. But the most important lesson you can impart to your children is to teach them to be careful while they are driving or crossing the street. They have years ahead of them if they are careful. But drivers on the road should also heed traffic rules – the life they save maybe their own.

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