Take Control Of Your Inner Voice}

Submitted by: Diane Corriette

Deep within you lies a voice your own voice, which has been created based on your past experiences, even the experiences you think you have forgotten about, or you dont think about on a daily basis are buried deep within you.

This inner voice that constantly speaks within you will be repeating those original events and messages to you daily and your future will be created from them.So if the events were negative then many of your inner messages will be.

For people with low self esteem your inner voice will be your own worst enemy, your saboteur and critic, constantly belittling your efforts, punishing your mistakes and criticizing.

Do you ever find yourself berating yourself for something that youve done? Have you ever found yourself struggling with something that you know you should do but keep talking yourself out of? Thats your inner voice.

If you are struggling with doing what you really want to in life check out what your inner voice is saying to you. Maybe its letting you know that there is no way you can achieve something.

Or Maybe it’s telling you not to take the risk because you will fail?

The best way to change the messages that your inner voice is throwing at you is to find things you have accomplished, no matter how small, almost as a counter argument. Yes but. You can tell it, and then remind yourself of that achievement of yours.

Ultimately, this is your voice, its in your head, so you have complete control over it and thats the thing you need to remember. Its time to take back control of your inner voice.

Its time to talk back to your inner voice in whatever way works for you, this is the way to combat it and let it know who is really in charge, YOU! You can swear at it or let it know you won’t be listening to it anymore, whatever you need to do to break the pattern.

Begin to recognize what your inner voice is saying and why. Counteract whatever it tells you that is negative with a positive statement or promise.

Using positive statements and self-talk will support you in improving your self-esteem, and when used consistently, and repeated often you will train your unconscious mind to change what you believe about yourself.

Give yourself time to really immerse yourself in positive statements and to make them a natural part of your life. This is a journey, not a quick fix and you will need the patience to keep affirming yourself when your inner voice decides to do otherwise.

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