Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Tests yesterday proved negative for Ebola on the remains of a US soldier who died in Texas after deployment to Liberia. The 24-year-old had been monitoring potential symptoms of the disease.

An initial screen was clear yesterday but a more conclusive test, mandated by the Center for Disease Control, was required. That also proved negative and state and national officials have been appraised.

The Killeen Police Department continues to investigate the soldier’s death. He has not been named publicly. He died at his home near Fort Hood military base. Fort Hood said the soldier had been involved in constructing a hospital to combat Ebola in Africa, and returned to the US on emergency leave earlier this month.

His self-monitoring was routine after deployment to fight Ebola. He was not directly exposed to the disease. One national government official anonymously told reporters Ebola concerns were prompted by a pool of vomit found alongside the deceased.

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