See How A Cosmetic Dentist Can Make You Look Younger

See How a Cosmetic Dentist Can Make You Look Younger



As we age, our teeth may require even more attention to stay fit than before. It is not necessary that the beauty and health of your teeth will deteriorate with age, but as we move on in life, the continuous use of our teeth, especially with the modern day lifestyle, take a toll on their appearance. Just when you know that it is time to give your teeth a makeover, you know where to go. A cosmetic dentist, with the help of his expertise and tools, can really change the way your teeth look.

These are some of the most common dental treatments that people opt for

Teeth Whitening


The most popular or the most used cosmetic procedure, teeth whitening, fulfils the most basic need of good looking teeth. The natural colour of the teeth is white and that is why it becomes important to clean the pale colour off your teeth in order to get a complete smile. You will find several over-the-counter methods which can give you shiny white teeth, but they are either not effective enough, or not long lasting. Professional whitening methods are much durable and produce better results. .


Veneers are the light shells, prepared to make your teeth look spotless. They are made of a white coloured material, which sticks to the surface of the teeth easily and matches the colour of the enamel, making the end result appear very natural. It can be used to restore disfigured teeth, close gap between teeth and give an even shape to gums. .


In this procedure, a composite is used to make up for the loss to the surface of the tooth or for filling gaps and cavities. This composite, usually white in colour, bonds with the enamel making a long lasting solution. A cosmetic dentist can use this procedure for twin purposes, for making teeth look good and to save them from further damage.


Crowns or caps are artificial covering for one s teeth when their biting surface has been damaged too a great extent. It replaces the entire surface of the damaged tooth, unlike other restoration methods. As the material used is enamel coloured, it is difficult to tell a crown apart from the original teeth. It is best suited for those who damaged their teeth while a root canal treatment or due to decay.

It might be easy to find a good dentist but it may not be easy to select one. Choose a cosmetic dentist not on the basis of the fee he charges but on the amount of trust his patients put in him. It is always a good idea to first measure the success of the dentist by either talking to your friends who have consulted him or by taking a look at the testimonials given by former patients. That way, you will know that you are putting your smile in the right hands.

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